Guide for a perfect gay day (and night) in Paris

A perfect gay day in Paris (when you are done with Louvre, Orsay and Eiffel tower :), in the gay area and around Le Marais

10 AM (well around that … can work with 2 PM too)

The gay Choc, the gay bakery

A unique place to enjoy typical French sandwiches such as ham-butter-pickle baguette, but you will come here for its real specialty: the beautiful and phallic chocolate brioche. “If they don’t have bread, give them phallic brioche” as some friends of Marie-Antoinette used to say during French Revolution.

Perfect for an excellent brunch to start your day. Ideal to surprise your boyfriend in search of romance in Paris: ” Darling, I brought you some soft cocks brioche…”. Could you say that elsewhere than in Marais?

Gay Choc is in the middle of the gay area of Paris. You can’t miss it.

12 AM

Les Mots à la bouche, Gay bookshop of Paris

At the time of Amazon, it’s a real pleasure to be able to hang out in a real LGBT library. The choice is incredibly wide: from the great classics of gay literature to the latest queer Berlin’s fanzines.

An impressive and exceptional collection of photo books, design and homoerotic, for a wonderful souvenir of your stay in Paris. We go there for Plato, Gide or an improbable lesbian philosopher, and we come out with a collection of manga or Japanese porn picture books.

Gay book shop

2 PM

Les Dessous d’Apollon, underwear giant shop

Under neon lights and on two floors spreads one of the largest selection of men’s underwear in Europe. From classic masculine boxers to glittery G String to awake the drag queen sleeping inside of you.

3 PM

Rob Paris, the best gay sex and fetish shop in Paris 

“Bloody hell, darling. I left my dildos home.”

Or may be you just forgot your Chaps before flying to Paris? Your cock ring got stuck at customs, under the watch of 200 stunned Ryan Air passengers? Do not panic.

You will find everything you need at ROB. Black harness, G Lub by 5-liter barrels not to mention the collection of poppers. And hundred of dildos, plugs, and sex toys to bring back as little presents for your friends and family.

5 PM

Abraxas, the tattoo Parlor of Paris 

The best place to keep a permanent souvenir of Paris. Why not tattoo on your butt the name of the superb Parisian you met the day before? Jean-Paul, Pierre-André, Emmanuel, Charles-Henri …

gay tattoo Paris
gay tattoo Paris

6 PM … Sauna time … and maybe gym if you are brave enough

Gym Louvre Sauna

A recommended place during a stay in Paris to maintain your dream body. Prices are very accessible, especially from 21h. Note the ideal location at the crossroads of the Louvre, Les Halles and the Marais, the gay district of Paris.

A well-equipped gym. You will find many beautiful boys (not necessarily there to flirt). A more traditional sauna awaits you in the basement to relax and rest a bit bedore a long night out. It is a perfect place to relax for a few hours. Attention: sneakers and adapted outfit required to use the gym.


Sauna IDM

A Parisian institution for more than 30 years, this gay sauna is located in the same building as the Palace, a legendary Parisian gay club from the 80s. For many years, the Sunday circuit included Gay tea dance followed by an evening at the IDM sauna.

You have three levels of debauchery in which guys (often thirties, forties, male, bears) are not here just to turn around. For sure, you will make new French friends … A beautiful gym completes the usual amenities: jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, etc.

Note that the place is particularly busy between 16h and 20h weekdays, Sunday afternoons, it is sometimes so busy that you will have to wait in line until a locker is released (there are 300, so lot of fun inside). The sauna is naturist from Thursday to Sunday included. You will only be allowed to wear a mini towel to hide your colossal package (or the name of Jean-Paul now and forever tattooed on your butt).

IDM is located 15 minutes walk from the Marais.

Gay Sauna Paris


Sauna Sun City

Located in the same building as the club and cruising bar Le Depot it is the younger alternative of IDM.

In an exotic decoration, you can meet plenty of people including in the middle of the night. The boys can be a little shy, so it’s up to you to turn them on.

Attention: the establishment next door, the Moon City is the hetero counterpart. But since you are in Paris, why not try new experiences or regain sensations lost since your teenage?

7 PM

Cox, for a busy happy hour

Founded in 1995 it’s “the place to be” for happy hour (5 pm to 9 pm). In summer and especially on Sunday evening, you can find 100 or 200 people who hold the pavement, beer in hand, to the great despair of neighbors who paid 1 million euros for their « charming little apartment in the heart of Marais.»

Yeah because this is Paris, London style real estate prices, with Moldavian salaries. That’s why Jean-Paul, you know this guy you met yesterday, working as a fashion designer for Dior, bring you in a ridiculous 17 m2 studio flat.

Cox is the epicenter and the obligatory passage of an evening in the Marais, whatever the tribe you belong. A high concentration of hairs, beards etc are … A great place to know Parisians.

The bar invests the entire street during a music festival (June 21th) and gay pride, bringing together several thousand people.

Gay bar in Paris

Open Café

It’s the younger, more gym and less bearded Cox counterpart. The clients will join Free DJ, Cud or a cruising bar after a first beer here. The terrace is really strategic.

9 PM

Bear’s Den

The bear institution of Rue des Lombards, a sort of French Yosemite. It is here that begins every hairy party for bears, cubs, otters and their admirers. In summer you will cross the street between a hedge of big boys and bearded, a beer in hand and ready to devour lost tourists.

The basement is a beautiful Gothic cellar served by an impressive iron staircase. After midnight, the crowd heads towards El Hombre.

Gay bears bar in Paris

El Hombre

It is an essential complement to an evening at Bear’s Den. There may be some people on the terrace, but it’s mostly in the basement that the action takes place. You will find a small dance floor that can be surprisingly busy on weekdays.

There are both kitsch and lively evenings, such as the Wednesday karaoke party. Team and friendly customers in a very cruisy atmosphere.

10 PM

Raidd Bar

The Raidd Bar has known its glory by hiring beautiful, nude torso waiters  to serve you. For several years, François Sagat, the most famous and stylish French porn actor was part of the team.

Another major attraction is the shower that overlooks the bar. you will see soaping in public. 

11 PM


This is the bar to go to when Open Coffee and Cox start get empty. Located in the same block, you will only have a few meters to crawl. On the ground floor: a long counter, a billiard table, and a smoking room.

In the basement: a vaulted cellar where you can dance with some charming boys.


Gay club in Paris


A two-level night bar that fills up at midnight when the other venues are closing. This is a place to dance and meet people.

Le Depot

It is the largest sex club in Paris since 1998. The place gets bustling during weekends and when theme nights.

Full Metal

A small nice cruising bar in the heart of Marais. The micro smoker room is ideal for making new acquaintances (or to get a lung cancer) in record time.

gay bar paris

Secteur X

Another gay cruising bar, just in front of Full Metal. The same type atmosphere but on three floors.

The boss is very friendly. Another micro smoker room for your lung cancer (to believe that the ban on smoking aimed above all to kill gay smokers in this type of place).


This is the most popular naked bar of Paris. You will be invited to get naked from the entrance, so put your most beautiful cock ring.

The interesting part is on the basement: you can participate in some sort of orgies under beautiful Gothic vaults, especially on weekends. Though, the venue can be surprisingly busy even during weekdays. 

2 AM on Friday and Saturday

Gibus Club, to danc till very late

The Gibus celebrated recently its forty years of existence. This underground club, with a sulfurous reputation, has accompanied several generations of Parisians clubbers.  

It is currently the only gay club opens every weekend, from Friday to  Sunday morning.

The crowd varies enormously from one evening to another, ranging from tweens to leather community.

This is the place where everyone joins for after parties on Sunday morning when other clubs are closing. Do not forget to get some phallic brioche before arriving there. 

Gay after party Paris


If you want to know a bit more about Paris, have a look on Cyril or Marc interview.

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