Gay Zurich Guide

Heidi, Heidi, deine Welt sind die Berge

Heidi, Heidi, little girl from the Alps …

Gay Zurich

Welcome to the largest City in Switzerland, and probably the wealthiest City in Europe.

Zurich, with a population of around 1 million, is a City at the edge of nature, surrounded by a beautiful lake and by snow-capped mountains…

Prosperous Zurich, ranked among the best cities in the world for its quality of life, has also been a refuge for eccentrics, dissidents and persecuted people.

Protestants, Jews, Dadaists, Casanova, Lenin or Trotsky, all settled in the Swiss metropolis.

So did Imelda Marcos, Mouammar Kahdafi or Mobutu … well, at least their bank accounts did.

Gay Zurich

Protestants, Jews, Dadaists, Casanova, Lenin or Trotsky, all settled in the Swiss metropolis. So did Imelda Marcos, Mouammar Kahdafi or Mobutu … well, at least their bank accounts did.

Lakes, Rolex … and chocolates

Nestled on the shores of its crystal-clear lake, the vibrant City aligns on its main street, the Bonhoeffer Strasse, banking institutions and luxury shops. Of course, all Swiss watches brands for men are represented here (for those who can afford it).

gay zurich bar

Everything is impeccable, and this extreme cleanliness can be distressing for someone arriving from Paris.

Not a greasy paper, no stubs on the floors, not a single rat around (did they sign Paris agreement for species diversity?).

Even the pigeons look clean, and some of them wear a Rolex or a Jaeger Lecoutre.

Their flag is clear, neat, sharp, trim, spruce, like in a perfect world.

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No Trump, no Brexit, no Syria, no Venezuela, no islamists, no communists, no Merkel, no poor, no rich, no cold, no hot, no war, no peace, no income tax, no stepmothers, even fist fucking sounds clean and smooth there …

All seems perfect here … till they ask you to pay for your beer.

Yeahhhh, 15 €, that’s the price, because it’s happy hour, with a 50 % discount.

Next time, consider a weekend in Belgrade or Istanbul. For this money, you can have half of LGBT’s community drunk for 4 days.

Gay area Zurich

Thought, medieval alleyways, colorful houses, renovated churches will delight you.

Two museums seem unmissable, the Kunsthaus or Museum of Fine Arts, and the Rietberg Foundation which houses an impressive collection of African and Asian works.

gay zurich

In the west part of the City, the old industrial districts are under permanent renovation. The warehouses are gradually being refurbished and invested by young creators, design and fashion boutiques, as well as art galleries.

Gay West Zurich

In late afternoon, you can go to Bürkliplatz pier and take a boat for a tour on the lake. Otherwise, you can grab a train to the Uetliberg. In half -hour, you will reach the top of a small mountain that dominates the City, and from there you will enjoy a superb panorama.

Swim and dance

In summer, the City becomes a sort of Swiss seaside resort. The lake and the rivers are so clean that it is possible to swim in the middle of the City. Some private baths are known to be very popular with the gay population.

In the evening, you will find several gay bars, trendy venues, saunas and even cruising clubs to have fun for the all week end.

Exciting museums, lovely walks in the City or along the lake, bars and trendy restaurants … Zurich is a perfect destination for a cultural or festive gay weekend.

Bern, Basel, Lausanne or Geneva are other swiss gay-friendly cities, and you can reach them in a few hours by train. You can as well explore, now that you are in the Alps, Grenoble, Innsbruck, Vienna. Or get crazy and take your car to find some sun in Italy in Turin or Genoa.

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Gay Zurich

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Gay bar in Zurich

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