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Here’s the interview of Jorge, a local from the City.

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Hey Jorge, you’re Gaybassador for Zaragoza. Tell us a bit more about you.

Well, I’ve lived in Zaragoza my entire life, so I know it by day and night as much as my own house.

I’ve been working as a photographer, teacher and tour guide, showing the city and making thematic guides. I love meeting new people, exchanging experiences and learning.

Gay Zaragoza

Why do you love Zaragoza that much?

Zaragoza is a cozy city that embraces the traveler. Despite that it is not very big, with just 700,000 inhabitants, you can find plenty of services and leisure places, and nothing is very far from where you were.

It has a great cultural life and holds a lot of secrets in its streets. There are tasty cuisine and a cheerful ambiance in lots of pubs and cafes.

My 4 favorite places

La Magdalena – An alternative zone for having a beer or wine and tapas (especially on Thursday evenings) where you can find street musicians, urban art, street markets, ethnic restaurants, and shops.

The Riverside – The most beautiful views of the city. Cross under the arches of a Medieval bridge and enjoy the stunning panorama of the cathedrals by the river.

San Pablo – Vintage markets, food truck events, concert, and plays are turning a part of the daily life in these areas. Las Armas square holds the center of these activities between terraces and urban art.

Parque José Antonio Labordeta – The green lung of the city. Don’t miss the waterfall fountain, the Rosebed, the Neptune gardens or the art nouveau Music Pavillion.

My restaurants

Taberna la Piedra – Gay-friendly restaurant and grill with a great variety of meat-based recipes. Better make a reservation if you don’t want to wait.

El Ángel del Pincho – A fusion of Argentinian and Japanese cuisine. Don’t miss their tempuras and dumplings.

Birosta – This bio restaurant has exotic and classic flavors, but also local artists’ exhibitions and an exciting library on the spot.

Gay Zaragoza

Which are the main spots you like to show to gay travelers in Zaragoza?

The first would be the Aljafería. It’s the castle and palace of Zaragoza. Walk through the halls and the courtyards by the fountains and the orange trees and dream about the love and power stories in the palace.

The next one has to be the Plaza del Pilar. The biggest pedestrian square in Europe holds the two cathedrals of Zaragoza, the city hall, the Lonja exhibition center (a Renaissance merchant building), the rests of the Roman forum, a commercial gallery and lots of terraces. This is the city’s heart and soul.

Another one would be El Tubo, a bunch of streets in the historical center which makes one of the city’s best places for tasting Zaragoza. Traditional and up-to-now cuisine get all together in these colorful and old streets.

Last, but not least, the surroundings of the Mercado Central, an art nouveau market. You can reach by walking a few steps the squares of Santa Isabel and San Felipe, two charming nooks with palaces, museums and terraces.

Also, you are next to El Temple street, the artery of an active zone full of pubs and discos.

Gay Zaragoza

What about gay local life in Zaragoza? 

This is not a big city, and it’s difficult to find a sprightly gay life out of weekends, but you can visit not only gay bars, shows, and saunas but also a lot of pubs where you can have a drink as well.

Nightclubs start to liven up around 12pm up to 5-6am. The gay bars are mostly around Fita street, and although there is not a significant amount of them, it is a cheerful place.

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Sauna Nordik 

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