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Turin is the center of cultural, economic, political and gay life of Piemonte, a prosperous region in northern Italy, close to France and Switzerland.

Gay Turin

The city center is compact. As most of the sights are contained within a small area, getting around Turin is easy.

You can easily explore walking on your own or with a friendly local to show you around.

To really enjoy the city, you will need at least two days and maybe one more to recover from your exciting Saturday night, as local gay life can be pretty vivid.

Gay Turin

Turin is often underrated by tourists visiting Italy, as the city mainly prospered in the XIX century, becoming an essential center for Italian modern industries.

Architecture, elegant avenues, and Northern Italian gastronomy: Turin should definitely be on your list when visiting Italy.

Gay Turin

Alluring buildings, chic cafés and gourmet restaurant line the Turin boulevards and main squares,

such as Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo.

Beyond its scenic and picturesque allure, Turin is a dynamic economic center and one of the wealthiest cities in Italy.

Turin is home to many museums and galleries.

The Mole Antonelliana, 167 meters high, dominates the city with its characteristic silhouette. Originally built as a synagogue, today it is a museum of cinema.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin or Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin has one of the largest Egyptological collections in the world. It exhibits 6,500 works and 26,500 pieces are in reserve.

The TT8 Theban tomb is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of ancient Egypt. This tomb of the New Kingdom era is one of the rare tombs of the nobility of ancient Egypt to have survived intact through the centuries.

Gay Turin

The gay area in Turin

Even if the gay bars are not as numerous, the atmosphere is friendly and gay locals are very welcoming with tourists.

Like most major cities, Turin’s gay bars and clubs are packed on Friday and Saturday nights.

The largest gay event is Turin Gay Pride, which takes place every year in June.

Day trip from Turin

The residences of the Royal family of Savoy, are a set of castles listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, that can be reached easily from the city center.

Unique museums, lovely walks in the classy avenues, gay bars, and trendy restaurants …

Turin is a perfect destination for a cultural or festive weekend while traveling alone, with friends or with your beloved one.

Finally, Turin is strategically positioned when visiting Italy, from North to South, as it is only a few hours drive by car or train to make your way to fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as FlorenceRome, Milan, Venice, Padoa, Naples or Bologna.

Or even take a flight to Malta, Athens or Mykonos for more art and sun … or just sun.

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