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Toulouse is the largest city in southwestern France.

It is also the French capital of rugby. The local specialty, “Cassoulet,” with its 4000 calories, full of beans, sausages and various pieces of pork, is perfect to food big rugby men and/or bears.  

Gay Toulouse

Toulouse is often called the “Pink City,” but it has nothing to do with its gay life. 

This nickname is due to the pink facades of the beautiful old buildings in the city center. Most of them are built in bricks, which uncommon in large French cities, where white stone is more usual.  

Toulouse is an incredibly dynamic city, known for its universities, its computer industry, its start-ups, and its planes and rockets factories. 

You certainly didn’t know, but you have been traveling very often sitting in planes made in Toulouse. 

The city was built around the Capitol Square, which is both the center and the symbol of the town. 

Toulouse is a significant site for lovers of Romanesque art.

The city, on the road to Santiago de Compostela in nearby Spain, the main pilgrimage city in Europe during the Middle Age, enjoyed great prosperity in the 11th and 12th centuries. 

The Jacobins church and the Basilica of Saint Sernin are essential and offer a breathtaking architectural spectacle.

The unusual octagonal tower of the Basilica dominates the city. 

Gay Toulouse

The Musée des Augustins, which occupies a superb 19th-century convent, will complete the visit for fans. 

The Hôtel D’assézat-Foundation Bemberg, set in a splendid Renaissance palace, presents an art collection that extends from the 13th to the 19th century. 

For lovers of contemporary art, head for the “Musée des Abattoirs,” which features a beautiful and colossal stage curtain created in 1936 by Pablo Picasso. Its Minotaur supported by a Colossus with a sculptural body and a falcon head is pretty erotic.

For a design and shopping tour, head for Cujas Street, where you will find many trendy boutiques, art galleries, and various concept stores. 

Gay Toulouse

Gay area in Toulouse

Toulouse has a great nightlife, due to its large student population and its mild climate. 

Gay venues are concentrated around the Capitol Square area. 

The number of gay venues has decreased significantly in recent years, whereas in the 1980s Toulouse was considered the second biggest gay city in France after Paris. 

Gay Toulouse

Though bars, clubs, and saunas that still exist are very dynamic, and the locals will be delighted to see new faces arriving.  

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And for ski; or on your way to Spain, you make a stop in nearby Andorra.

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