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Along with Brussels and Luxembourg, Strasbourg is one of European Union’s capitals and is home to the Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.

Gay Strasbourg

The city was chosen because it has always been both a bridge and a subject of contention between France and Germany. The city is indeed very close to major cities in the Germanic world, closer to Munich or Frankfurt than to Paris or Lyon.

Gay Strasbourg

It is a kind of bi cultural city, as evidenced by its architecture, both very French and very German.

It is one of the few cities with Metz that has preserved entire districts that reflect the architecture of the German Empire, in this case, the Neustadt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Indeed, most big cities located in the German territory were almost destroyed during the last war.

The capital of Alsace, Strasbourg is with almost 1 million inhabitants the largest city in Eastern France, with a substantial regional identity and a local language, Alsacien, still alive.

It is also the capital of “Choucroute,” a local dish as succulent as it is caloric. Strasbourg is a very dynamic city, known for its prestigious universities.

Gay Strasbourg

It is built around its superb Gothic cathedral, which is both the center and symbol of the city.

Its arrows, or rather its arrow, because only one remains, were the tallest building in Europe for several centuries.

Every year, the Christmas market is held there, renowned as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The district of La Petite France, with its half-timbered houses, is a superb example of architecture and seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale.

The Alsatian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Museum of Decorative Art will delight you for an afternoon.

Gay Strasbourg

The Palais Rohan includes several fascinating museums in a splendid 18th-century setting, with the usual gilding, moldings, massive warriors and pairs of muscular butts, which can be found in most French castles.

Gay Strasbourg

Gay area in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, due to its large student and international population, is a busy and festive city at night. Gay bars and clubs are not numerous but dynamic, and the locals will be delighted to see new unknown faces arriving.

However, many of them prefer to go out in the surrounding large cities, located a few hours by car, such as Frankfurt, Zurich or Munich.

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