Gay Santorini Guide

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Santorini is one of the largest islands in Greece, and one of the most glamorous and romantic in Europe.

Gay Santorini

This is the perfect place to propose to mary this gorgeous Italian guy you met three days ago in an after party in Mykonos.

G4G tip 1: drink more water, eat vegetables, ask his name, and maybe wait a few days before calling your best friend to tell her this great news.

Santorini offers one of the most striking natural spectacles in the Mediterranean.

Half of the preexisting island was in literally swallowed by the sea in 1600 BC, during a volcanic explosion.

The powerful Minoan civilization, settled in Crete, was destroyed by the tsunami which followed this explosion. It would be the origin of the myth of Atlantis.

Some theorists and scientists assume that this eruption caused dramatic climate disturbances, and potentially the biblical plagues of Egypt.

We told you for centuries that plagues had nothing to do with sodomy … or Gomorrah.

Gay Paros

And that fighting LGBT will really not help with harvest or to restore any sort of Empire.

The caldera is titanic geological curiosity with huge cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean Sea.

Almost 4000 years after the explosion, a thick layer of ashes still covering the island.

Beautiful villages, top the cliffs that plunge directly into the Mediterranean.

Former fishers and peasant houses were refurbished in stylish and expensive boutique hotels with overflowing pools, offering incredible panorama.

Gay Santorini

The volcano is supposed to be extinguished but gets a few jolts every 50 years.

This could spice up your holiday if you are really unlucky.

G4G tip 2: to make a joke, shake the bed while your future Italian husband is sleeping, and take a selfie.

If he looks mostly upset to save his La Prairie moisturing cream and Dolce Gabanna swintrunks, than you, don’t marry.

The sunset on the caldera is terrific. The main activity in Santorini is waiting for this daily event, drinking some ouzo and eating olives.

Oia and Fira are the most popular villages with travelers as they offer the best views on the caldera and the sunset. 

Those villages are packed with boutique hotels, creative restaurants, trendy cafés, art galleries, antiques shops and stands for young designers.

Gay Santorini

Gay life in Santorini

There is no exclusively gay bar in Santorini, but the all-island is very gay-friendly.

Money has no smell or gender, especially when the smallest room with a view on a courtyard costs 150 euros a night.

Santorini is just like Mykonos, a costly destination.

Gay beaches in Santorini

Gay Santorini

Some of the most beautiful gay beaches in Greece are located in Santorini.

The most popular are Vlychada Beach, Kolumbus Beach and Exomitis Beach.

Finally, Santorini is a strategic position to visit Greece, as it is well-connected to other islands and the mainland.

From Santorini, you can easily travel to Mykonos, Athens, Thessaloniki, and even to Cyprus or Crete.

Gay Santorini

Finally, Santorini is strategically positioned to visit Greece, as it is only a few hours ride by boat to visit other fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as AthensThessaloniki, or other beautiful Greek islands such as Paros, or Mykonos. Or even Cyprus or Crete.

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