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The Serenissima Republic of San Marino is a micro-State that escaped from Italian unification at the end of 19th century. It is the third smallest state in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco, with a population of 32,000 inhabitants. 

Gay San Marino

It is also the oldest Republic in the world with a constitution dating back to 1600. 

An astounding phenomenon for a state which was tax heaven for years, the country was led by the Communist Party for a very long time. 

Overhung by three fortresses and their three towers, a symbol of the country, the center of San Marino offers pleasant walks. 

The medieval alleys lead to palaces, churches, and beautiful official buildings. With nearly 1000 shops of all kinds, it is an open-air shopping center that offers superb views of the surrounding countryside. 

In the Titan’s Square, the Pergami Bellucci Palace houses the State Museum which will explain the extraordinary history of the Republic, and how it managed to stay independent for such a long time. 

The Basilica of St Martin, the Capuchin Church and the Convent of St Francis complete this visit. 

Gay San Marino

Gay life in San Marino 

In term of rights, the country has never been at the forefront of the developments that Europe has undergone in recent years. However, there is no daily discrimination, and the legal situation tends to normalize. 

There is no exclusively gay place or gay pride. 

The nearest gay venues are located mainly in Rimini, Bologna or Florence. 

Finally, San Marino is strategically positioned when visiting Italy, as it is only a few hours drive by car, boat or train to make your way to fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as Rome, FlorenceTurin, VenicePadoa, or Bologna.

And if you are really fed up with Ibiza, Mykonos or Sitges, why don’t you try to discover more mini-states of Europe, such as Andorra, Monaco,Luxembourg or Liechtenstein? For sure, your friends would be amazed by your pics on Instagram.

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