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For sure, you are not here in Ibiza. And it is not just a matter of climate or music. 

To put it mildly, Russia cannot be defined as a particularly gay-friendly country. 

Actually, the country has a very long tradition of restrictive policies toward gay people. 

Gay Saint Petersburg

However, Russia is a country of contradictions. 

Many Russians are pretty homophobic but passionate for arts, architecture, fashion, and good food …

Saint Petersburg is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe since its foundation in the 18th century. 

The construction of the city was decided by Peter the Great, to give Russia an opening to the Baltic Sea, and therefore to the rest of Europe. 

Built on a marshy area, and under extreme climatic latitudes, especially in winter, its construction was a technical feat and cost a lot of human lives.  

The best time to visit the city is undoubtedly in the spring and early summer. During this season the days are endless, and the party is permanent. 

Your visit to Saint Petersburg can start with Saint Savior’s Cathedral, which is a  pure example of neo-Russian architecture. 

It is crowned with colorful and extravagant bulbs, and it is for many visitors the most emblematic and photogenic monument of the City. 

Gay Saint Petersburg

The number of Museums is enormous, with dozens of establishments and foundations scattered throughout the city. 

The Hermitage is the most famous one since it brings together the collections built by the Russian rulers, from 1764 to the communist era. It is the largest museum in the world, with 350 rooms and 60,000 displays, including 16,000 paintings. 

The Portico of the new Hermitage, with its ten bare-chested and sexy Atlanteans, is perfect for a few selfies. 

The Russian Museum is also a must for its unique collections, as many local artists have exported little to the rest of the world, especially after the Soviet Revolution in 1917. 

To escape the crowd and see the real people of Saint Petersburg in their daily lives, a walk through the endless Nevsky perspective is a must and will give you a good insight into Russian society. 

If you have the opportunity, and if you manage to get a ticket, don’t miss a ballet performance at the famous Mariinsky Theatre, which has one of the most prestigious programs in the world. 

Gay Saint Petersburg

Day trip from Saint-Petersburg

For a magical day, take the speed boat in summer to Peterhof, an 18th century complex of palaces whose splendor can only be equaled by Versailles

The gardens, in particular, are superb with their debauchery of statutes, ponds and water jets. 

Saint Petersburg

Gay Life in Saint-Petersburg 

Any demonstration of affection in public should be avoided.

Despite a restrictive environment for a European country, gay life Saint-Petersburg is becoming, as in Moscow, more dynamic and abundant every year. 

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