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Gay Rome Guide

Rome, the capital of Italy, is forever fascinating.

Since 2000 years, it is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is the birthplace of a powerful and refined civilization, which is at the heart of Western culture.

The City center is compact, and getting around is easy as most of the sights are contained in a small area.

You can easily explore walking by your own or with a friendly local to show you around.

Majestic palaces, magical gardens, winding streets, secret churches, and the massive dome of St Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican dominate the city, which will never cease to impress you.

Walking down its streets, you will see the Renaissance grandeur.

The crowd is particularly dense, as the city attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims each year.

As Prague, Florence or Venice, we would recommend visiting the city off-season, which is usually in autumn or winter: the more rain and snow, the better 😉.

You are not coming to Rome to sunbathe anyway.

Rome, the city of gladiators and Caravaggio’s fallen angels, is one of the cradles of homosexual aesthetics.

Some pieces of art, even in the Vatican or in Mussolini’s buildings, will undoubtedly remind you of party flyers from London or Ibiza.

Romans apparently were used to going to the gym for centuries, long time before Jane Fonda.

From the Roman Forum to the Coliseum, from old temples to stunning paintings, the homoerotic atmosphere is palpable at every corner of the city.

Everywhere you will admire pairs of butts carved in marble, salient pecs and biceps, soft phalluses, dominant warriors, submissive warriors, staring unabashedly at the passage of time and a considerable tourist crowd.

During the Italian Renaissance, the pressure on homosexuals was less intense than in the past.

The rediscovery of masterpieces of Roman and Greek Antiquity accentuates this phenomenon, and the perception of homosexuality that predominates today in the Western world is a result of this ancient heritage.

Gay artists and bisexual collectors, including some Popes, found through the arts a way to express themselves and glorify the beauty of male nudity (and sometimes female).

Julius II, Caravaggio and Michelangelo are among those famous historical figures.

The Sistine Chapel can be considered as a gay piece of art, if you notice some of its details.

Note that on its original scandalous version, the phalluses were apparent, and were covered a few years later.

The Trevi Fountain, which is a marble waterfall, Piazza di Spagna with its famous steps, or Piazza del Popolo will leave you breathless.

Rome is, of course, a unique place in terms of gastronomy

The city is famous for its excellent restaurants, trattorias, cafes and wine bars, entrenched in beautiful settings, with prices that can reach high peaks.

To do in Rome as the Romans do, you can explore some food market and taste typical food at a low price.

Rome is as dream come true for fashion lovers, with all the Italian luxury brands present on Via del Corso, the main shopping street of the Capital.

Gay area in Rome

Nowadays, far from being a museum city, Rome, it is a metropolis of 5 million inhabitants, and the vibrant heart of Italy, and gay life is extremely developed.

Via San Giovanni Laterano, just behind the Colosseum, is the epicenter of the LGBT life.

It is a perfect place for an Aperitivo or ice cream before a night of.

Day trip from Rome

In summer, you can take a train to go to the coast. The seaside is just 30 minutes from the city center.

Ostia Antica, the antique harbor, offers beautiful ruins of the Roman Empire, with much fewer tourists than the Forum.

Gay beaches close to Rome

Close to Ostia, you can reach nearby gay beaches. Capocotta is a gay beach where you can spend a full day sunbathing.

Finally, Rome is strategically positioned when visiting Italy, from North to South, as it is only a few hours drive by car or train to make your way to fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as Florence, Turin, Venice, Padoa, Naples or Bologna.

Or even take a flight to Malta, Athens or Mykonos for more art and sun … or just sun.

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