Gay Prague Guide

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Gay Prague Guide

The Czech Republic is a central European country with a long and rich history. Prague, its capital and cradle of the Czech culture, it is one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. 

Called the city of a Hundred Spires or the Petrified beauty (the city … not you), Prague is one of the most romantic places ever, and a perfect destination to spend a weekend with your boyfriend.

The City center is compact, and getting around is easy as most of the sights are contained in a small area. You can easily explore walking by your own or with a friendly local to show you around.

Gay Prague

Unlike some Eastern Europe capitals, the old city is extremely well preserved, as it did not suffer as much from wars and communist urbanism.

The tourist crowd is particularly dense, as the city attracts millions of travelers each year.

As for Prague, Rome or Venice, we would recommend visiting the city off-season, which is usually in autumn or winter: more rain and snow, the better. You are not coming to Prague to sunbathe anyway 😉.

The city is dominated by the shape of its impressive Castle and Cathedral

from where you could start your visit. The city is full of artistic treasures from all styles: Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Cubism … The old center is one of the largest in Europe, so you will have plenty to explore.

Of course, crossing Charles bridge at sunrise, before the happy hour, or sunset, right after partying, will be one of the best experiences of your visit.

However, doing it at full night when the city is empty, makes it even more romantic.

We would particularly recommend two places.

Have lunch or just a beer at the exuberant Art nouveau Municipal House.

The building hosts one of the best-preserved old cafes in Europe, and it is really unique for its architecture, atmosphere, crowd, and even delicious food.

The Czech Cubism Museum is another exceptional place. It’s a small private museum which specializes in this artistic movement which developed in Prague during a very brief period, from 1911 to 1914.

The scope in which the cubist style influenced art in Prague is unmatched in Europe. This is undoubtedly the only city where you can admire dozens of cubist-style buildings.

Gay area in Prague

As a place of avant-garde, Prague has always been considered a pretty liberal city on East European standards. Gay bars and venues have flourished in the last few years. Gay nightlife concentrates in the neighborhood of Vinohrady.

While the gay sites are not as numerous as in Berlin or Vienna, the atmosphere is great and welcoming for tourists. 

Gay Prague

Day trips from Prague

Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic since the 19th century. This city of “Springs and Colonnades” is located less than 2 hours from Prague. You will easily organize a day trip to enjoy the hot springs, the beautiful surrounding or even a stylish lunch in one of its numerous quality restaurants.

Another destination is Cesky Krumlov, a small UNESCO-listed baroque city you can reach by train. The 13th century Castle is a fairytale place, with beautiful gardens, and an impressively ornate theater.

You can as well consider taking a flight or a train to explore other beautiful Central and Eastern Europe capitals such as Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Sofia Warsaw, or Bratislava. And of course you could visit Berlin for more art and fun … or just fun.

Gay Bars in Prague

Balbi Bar 


The Pig 

Piano Bar 

Friends Prague 

Klub 21 

Gay Clubs in Prague

Club Max 

Club Termix

Friends Club

OMG Party

Gay Cruising Bars in Prague

Alcatraz Club

Club Garage

Drake’s Club 

Factory Club  

Gay Saunas in Prague

Sauna Babylonia 

Sauna Labyrint 

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