Gay Porto with Juan

Ready for a gay Porto tour?

Ready for a gay Porto tour? Here’s the interview of Juan, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Gay Porto

Hello Juan, you are Gaybassador for Porto. Can you tell us a bit about you?

I am originally from Brazil. When I was pretty young, I moved first to the US and then to Portugal, where I work as a journalist. I always feel like learning new things, discovering new places and meeting people from all over the world.

Gay Porto

Why do you love Porto that much?

Porto is a picturesque and charming City, a place where you can discover something new every day. It hides precious secrets on every corner. I like to say that Porto is like a fairy maze. The atmosphere is excellent, and the people are amiable. This is some of the reasons I love it so much.

Gay Porto

Your favorite restaurants

Miss’opo: this restaurant is a great place to experience traditional Portuguese food with a touch of innovation. It’s a trendy place, with beautiful decoration and music, and the menu is changed every day. You should taste it to really know about this City and this country. The staff is lovely.

Marcello e George: this restaurant was open 2 years ago, and it’s specializing in organic and vegan food. I like their original cuisine, a mix of French and Portuguese tradition, and their card of local wines. The decoration is cozy, and you can even come during the day to enjoy a drink, some pastries or a coffee. It’s a pretty cheap place with first lunch menu on 8 €.

Gay Porto

Your favorite places in Porto, you like to show to your friends and travelers

Plaza de la Ribeira is the typical colorful Portuguese square. There are plenty of bars and restaurants there.

Jardim do Morro: On the other side of the bridge of Dom Luis I, on the shore of Gaia, those gardens offer a fantastic view of the City.

Serralves Museum: I would recommend this place for its incredible architecture, and collection. Gardens are stunning and very peaceful. The Contemporary Art Museum is fascinating, with one of the most significant collection in the country. Casa de Serralves, inside the park, is a unique piece of Art Deco. It’s a bit outside of the historical center so I would recommend going there by cab or Uber.

Gay Porto

Gay Porto bars and more LGBT venues

Porto is relatively traditional but very friendly with LGBT people. There is no discrimination, and our community is a full part of this City. Porto is increasingly popular with gay couples, as there are so many secret and romantic places everywhere.

Aduela Esplanada: this is a gay-friendly bar to go after dinner with friends or with your partner. The view from there is breathtaking. I really recommend it.

Lusitano: This place is impressive. During the week you can have an evening beer, cocktail or a coffee with friends in this glamorous and historical environment. The place is actually very cozy and sophisticated. You can even join live concerts, fado or tango evenings. On weekends, after midnight it turns into a trendy gay nightclub, with Portuguese and international DJs. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to go out in Porto, and one of the most original gay venue in Europe.

Zoom: this vast disco, in a former industrial warehouse, is open until 7am on weekends. This is the place to dance till late, with good electronic music, drag shows, hot guys, and go-go dancers.

Aduela Esplanada: this is a gay-friendly bar to go after dinner with friends or with your partner. The view from there is breathtaking. I really recommend it.

Gay Porto

LGBT rights in Portugal

If Salazar’s dictatorship has banned homosexuality and, consequently, flouted LGBT rights, Portuguese society opened up more and more and the years that followed the fall of the dictatorship are synonymous with liberation, since the 25th of April 1974 Carnation Revolution.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1983 and since then Portuguese laws have consistently advocated the cause of the LGBT community. Portugal is one of the few countries with far-reaching anti-discrimination laws and to include a prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation in Article 13 of its Constitution.

The country legalized same-sex marriage on June 5, 2010, making it the eighth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage. Four years before the United Kingdom and five years before the United States. It prohibits commercial surrogacy for homosexual couples’, but commercial surrogacy is illegal for all couples in Portugal, so it is not so discriminatory. IVF is available for lesbian couples and homosexual adoption has been legal since March 1, 2016.

The Portuguese President ratified on 1 March 2011, the Law on Gender Identity. The goal was to simplify the gender and name change process for transgender people. Thus Portugal has become one of the most advanced countries on LGBT rights.

Ready for a tour of gay bars and venues in Porto?

Ready for a tour of gay bars and venues in Porto? Here’s a short gay city guide of Porto with

Best gay bars and venues all over Europe

It takes a few minutes walking around Porto city center to make you fall in love with this town. In the last years, Porto faces a big change with more people going to visit, new restaurants, bars, and venues and made the city “The Best Europe Destination in 2017”. When it comes to gay life, Porto has also become a perfect destination.

From its cozy apartments to lively clubs, Porto is an eventful town that can host all kinds of visitors. Lose yourself around downtown maze streets and get thrilled with beautiful views on hidden belvederes. Porto is all about enjoying life, food, great wine, beautiful and warm people. Get ready to find out about 10 venues you can’t miss when visiting Porto.

1.  Café Lusitano

Located in downtown, Café Lusitano is not a beginner on the gay scene. Opened in 2005, Lusitano décor still preserver some of its original details – it used to be a grain store – that evoke the Parisian Belle Époque Style. If you’re not a party person, we suggest you reach it right after dinner (around 9/10 p.m.) for a drink in this gorgeous space. On weekdays you can find live concerts, tango, and fado. Fridays and Saturdays it’s time to party, with drag queen performances and a DJ set that cross from the 80’s until now.

2. Conceição 35

Opened from 5 p.m to 4 p.m, Conceição 35 can be a spot to grab a beer, have some snack or stay through the night. With a vintage industrial décor, the bar can change its scenario depending on the time or day of the week you visit. If you are looking for a place to drink a delicious gin and get ready for fun, you’ve already found it.

Another tip? Always check Conceição 35 calendars. They throw some special parties with great DJs and a cool atmosphere.

3. Zoom

Are you ready for fun? Zoom Porto is the most lively dance floor in town. On Fridays, it’s all about pop and drag queen performances that are quite popular. Saturdays are the nights when the club hosts big events, with International DJs and Gogo dancers. Located in a former warehouse, Zoom is the venue where everybody ends up going and dancing until the sunrise.

Local tip: Zoom opens at midnight but the audience usually starts arriving after 2 a.m.

4. Fabrik

Galerias is known as Porto’s bohemian area. There are tons of bars of all styles, from the cheapest to the fanciest. Best part? They are all free, so you can just be around each of them, trying drinks and shots. But we are sure that you’ll end up at Fabrik. If you like to enjoy the top hits when you reach the dance floor and enjoy your colorful drink, just write down Fabrik’s address and get ready to par-tay!

5. Invictus

Are you a drag queen fan? Like to enjoy classic, diva lip syncs, and glamorous gowns? So we guess you’re gonna like Invictus Café Bar. This venue is not new in Porto, but it has been coming back to life lately. The kitsch atmosphere and the lack of “Eleganza Extravaganza” are definitely what is attracting new visitors, especially youth, and makes Invictus a unique venue in Porto.

6. Café au Lait

It’s not hard to just walk straight of Café au Lait, but that what is nice about it. Even though its located at Galerias area, the bar still a bit unknown by tourists. Café au Lait is a venue that welcomes everyone – especially cool people – and all kind of parties. So, you can go there, have a drink and encounter a house party hidden in its cave. But you can also face a pop party the next day…so, our suggestion is: give it a try!  

7. Sauna camões

Wanna relax and have fun? Sauna Camões is just right in the city center and opened 7 days of the week. In a very discreet spot, Camões offers Turkish Bath, Finnish Sauna, Cabinets, Video Room and a bar with a special selection of drinks. If you wanna hang out with locals best time is after work and Saturday nights.

8. Maus Hábitos

Defining Maus Hábitos maybe be a little bit complicated but pointing out its attractions may help. A restaurant, a bar, an art gallery, a cultural center. “Phew”! A lot right? Hidden on the top floor of a parking building, Maus Hábitos has a busy events calendar and we are sure you’ll find out something that cheers you up. Art exhibitions, film festivals, drag parties, live music and also a delicious menu to enjoy with a gorgeous Porto view.

9. Passos Manuel

Right across Maus Hábitos and next to Coliseu – Porto main venue for big concerts –  there is Passos Manuel. Those that look for an underground venue with an alternative and artsy atmosphere will feel home here. This venue is just like a chameleon, depending on the night you can find a film exhibition or an electro party. So once again, always check the agenda before you go.

10. The Portuguese Cock

Taking a souvenir on a trip is almost a must do. But, why not taking this idea to another idea to another or we’d say a queer level. The Portuguese Cock is a handcraft store in Porto where you’ll find most traditional Portuguese products in rainbow or humoristic versions. If you want something even more exclusive, you can personalize all products you wish.

11. Aduela

If you are visiting Porto in summer, don’t miss the chance to have a drink and some tapas at Aduela terrace. If you choose fall or winter, you can enjoy its cozy interior and a glass of red wine. Aduela is the bar that local people love going after work and before dinner.

Local tip: be there around 5 p.m. if you want to have a spot 🙂

If you want to know more about Lisbon and Porto, you can as well read the interviews of Miguel, Josef, Juan and Daniel, Gaybassadors in Portugal.


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Gay Saunas in Porto and cruising 

1906 Club

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Ready for more gay Porto tour?

Here’s the interview of Josef, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Hello Josef, can you tell us a bit about you?

I was born and raised in Porto. I’m 22, and I work here as an artist, freelance actor and representative of a travel company.

Traveling for me is the real school for life, and I love to do it.

One of my biggest goal in life is to travel the world! It can take long, but I know that I will accomplish.

Not only that but becoming a professional Actor. I will not stop till I have both. 🙂

Gay Porto

Why do you love that much?

I could be hours talking about Porto’s charms, they are so many and always improving. The city is beautiful, the gastronomy is beyond amazing, and the people are even better.

You can enjoy architecture, nature, all kind of arts, gastronomy, everything that you desire. That is why we are being recognized by the best entities in the world as the best city in Europe and being chosen to represent more significant events like this year, Redbull Air Race.

Gay Porto

My favorite local places

Jardim das Oliveiras or Jardim do Morro places that I can lay down on the grass and relax.

Miradouro da Vitória is a space that I always like to pass during day or night, with an incredible view of the river, a landscape views perfect to take a picture.

We have 3 names for the same area, Praça dos leões, Piolho and Jardim da cordoaria. This area is a meeting point to drink and hang out. Here you can find almost any nationality, familiar to Erasmus students.

Galerias de Paris is a name of a street that for locals are the name for the area around two streets beside one to another.

And on them is the location of all the coffee places, restaurants, bars and discos for all tastes. It goes from tapas to sushi, and from pop to rock, 80s music and kuduro.

Gay Porto

My favorite restaurants

Cruel – a restaurant that challenges you on three different levels to see how far you go to define your fear in life.

Vingança (Revenge) – Vingança’s concept sais that Revenge is a dish best served cold, medium and hot sometimes. Again three different levels of amazing experiences.

O Forno do Mercado – on Mercado do Bom Sucesso is a restaurant with the best Francesinha (Oporto’s typical dish) made on pizza bread, a combo that makes you cry with joy.

Gay Porto

Which are the main spots you like to show to gay travelers in Porto?

So many places, so little time. The best experience would make everyone feel the city like we locals do.

Walking around the city’s center and seaside for the last years made me fell in love with some high places, some already popular but others that are not always the first choices.

Meeting with friends at Base open-air café, relaxing and having a laugh, to going to Jardim das Virtudes watching the sunset.

Spending time at the Matosinhos beach by morning, to going to the natural pool, Piscina das Marés in Leça da Palmeira.

Going to a music concert at Casa da Música, to visit the gardens and expositions on Fundação de Serralves.

Or even eating at an excellent restaurant to make a picnic on of the city parks.

Gay Porto

What about gay local life in Porto?

Porto has been developing better places, changing mentalities and taking a right course.

Now you can be yourself indoors and outdoors.

You have open places every day to hang out with friends and take a drink. But especially at weekends every bar is packed. It’s so much fun.

Gay Porto

Gay Porto bars and more LGBT venues 

Porto has some best-known names on the nightlife.

Conceição 35 is a coffee place/ bar that I personally like to begin a night, to meet everyone.

After the place to go is Lusitano, the best, in my opinion, is a bar/ disco where the people like to have fun, and it’s possible because the environment and the music are excellent.

To finish the night, after 04h till 07h Zoom disco good choice, good music, all people having fun, it’s a great environment.

Gay Porto

Gay beach close to Porto?

Porto is located on a sublime coast and is surrounded by beautiful and long beaches. However, this one are on the Atlantic coast, the water is rather cold and the sea can be violent, so be very careful. If you are brave enough to swim, do not leave the supervised areas.

Surprisingly, you will not find a real gay beach close to Porto.

Matosinhos beach is the most easily accessible from Porto city centre. You can either get there by underground in just 15 minutes, or by taking the bus 500, from Praça da Liberdade. Departures are frequent, every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20-30 minutes on weekends.

In Matosinhos, I advise you to go to Praia dos Ingleses, a stretch of sand and rock, overhung by a super trendy bar (, where you can drink an excellent cocktail, admiring a spectacular sunset.

You can also have lunch and dinner there, with a beautiful offer of tapas but also Portuguese dishes. The music is pretty good so it is an ideal place to spend part of the day enjoying the sun, or to spend your early evening before going to dinner.


If you are visiting Portugal, read the interview of Miguel, Gaybassador for Lisbon.

Best gay bars and venues all over Europe