Gay Munich Guide

Gay Munich Guide

Bavaria used to be an independent kingdom.

It became part of the German Empire at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, it preserves a strong identity and has become one of the most prosperous regions of Europe, with an unequaled quality of life.

Munich, the Bavarian capital, it is a place for a chic, not cheap weekend.

The City center is compact, and getting around is easy as most of the sights are contained in a small area.

You can easily explore walking by your own or with a friendly local to show you around.

The city is especially famous for its Oktoberfest.

This beer festival, which lasts for 17 days, attracts 7 million people from all over the world. It is increasingly popular with gay tourists.

It is a unique occasion to meet sexy Bavarians wearing their “Lederhosen,” the traditional leather breeches. The first Sunday of the festival is dedicated to the LGBT community, with big parties organized all around the city. It is the most significant gay event in Bavaria, after Gay Pride.

Amazing places to explore

Marienplatz is the core of the beautiful old city which was completely renovated and rebuilt after the war.

The New Pinacotheque is a masterpiece of architecture and home to more than 6000 paintings. The Glyptothek has a unique collection of sculptures.

The Palace of kings of Bavaria, with its 130 rooms to visit is another must-see of the city.

In the evening, you can go to the traditional Viktualienmarkt, a large food market with 140 stalls and shops. When it is about to close, at around 6 pm, numerous restaurants start to open. This is a great place to taste some Bavarian specialties.

Gay area in Munich

Gay nightlife concentrates in the neighborhood called GBV by locals. The main streets for gay venues are Gärtnerplatz, Hans-Sachs- Straße, Müllerstraße.

While there aren’t as many gay bars as in Berlin or Cologne, the atmosphere is very friendly, and people are very welcoming to tourists. 

Day trips from Munich

Munich is the perfect place to explore the extravagant Castles built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, one of the most famous and romantic gay figures of the 19th century.

Ludwig was king from 1864 until 1886. Because of his sexuality, he refused to get married.

He withdrew from politics, getting completely obsessed, not only by handsome soldiers, muscular farmers, grooms, and famous actors but by his extravagant artistic and architectural projects.

He spent most of his time and revenues in building Schloss Neuschwanstein, a fairy-tale Teutonic castle, which later inspired the Cinderella Castle at Disneyland, Linderhof, a Rococo Style Palace, and Herrenchiemsee an eccentric copy of Versailles.

The German Romantic and Alpine Roads

are other attractions with their vineyards, picturesque villages, baroque churches …

Munich is also the ideal place to reach other fascinating German gay-friendly cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin or Cologne. Or Vienna, and Innsbruck in nearby Austria.

, Berlin or Cologne. Or Vienna, and Innsbruck in nearby Austria.

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