Gay Medellin Guide

Ready for a gay Medellin tour?

Ready for a gay Medellin tour? Here’s the interview of Aurelio, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Hello Aurelio, you gave us great tips about Bogota. But apparently, you know a lot about Medellin too.

Actually, I have been leaving for 3 years in Medellin, which is the second biggest City in Colombia so I can tell you about it. I really love Bogota, but I think Medellin has something special, a more dynamic, arty and alternative atmosphere than the Capital.

Gay Medellin

Why do you love Medellin that much? 

Recently, Medellín was awarded “Innovative City of the Year” by the Wall Street Journal, won Veronica “Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design” by Harvard University, and was declared the best City to live in South America sharing the first place with Santiago de Chile.

This is the result of the substantial positive changes in the City over those last 20 years. Never forget that Medellin was in the 80’ considered as one of the most violent places in the world.

The climate of Medellin is perfect with a temperature of around 25 degrees all year round. And with more than 3 million inhabitants, you will find everything you can expect from a significant Latin American City.

Gay Medellin

Your favorite places in Medellin

The starting point for a visit to Medellin is obviously the historic center which is packed with old churches, quaint plazas, landmark cafes, modern museums … and more and more skyscrapers.

The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín and Museum of Antioquia have significant collections of art from Colombian and International artists, so you should plan to spend a few hours there. Then you could visit the River Park, which is an open-air gallery with a collection of Fernando Botero sculptures.

You can travel by taxi, but do not hesitate to use the tube and the cable cars. They are very modern, safe, and offer beautiful views of the City.

With a full day off, you could escape from Medellin, and visit the Natural Park on the mountain. From there you can reach typical villages of the region, such as Santa Elena, Jericho, El Retiro, San Vicente, with their picturesque main squares, fountains and colonial churches.

Gay Medellin

Your favorite restaurants 

I often go to San Carbon. This is the perfect steakhouse with good food and efficient service. You can have a candle dinner there, and the venue is charming, set in a tropical garden.

Milagros is the right place for spicy Mexican food. The decoration is surprising and colorful.

Olivia is a very stylish Italian restaurant specializing in Pizza. They have 8 different branches in town.

Your favorite gay Medellin bars and LGBT venues 

Medellin’s gay life is not as big as the one you can find in Bogota, but you will have fun and enjoyable time here too.

My favorite venue is Donde Aquellos. It is an outdoor bar where you can have cocktails, beers and even light food. It is ideal for being with friends for sunset.

Then, Industry club is a trendy place very popular with everyone, and the parties there can turn eighthuge.

Galeria de la Fama is a retro Latino bar. The pleasant atmosphere and the excellent service help you to spend an excellent evening.

For a late night, I love to go to Viva Discoteca, a big club with two dancefloors. The first one is for international music and the second for Latin music.