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Valletta is one of the smallest yet most vibrant European capitals. Bathed in permanent sun, it has the charm of an old Italian town.

Gay Malta

La Valette is a Baroque jewel of the Mediterranean due to its resistance to modernist temptations.

Results of which can be seen in The Old Town where an impressive number of majestic palaces, churches, and museums earning the Maltese capital as a UNESCO World Heritage designation.

Gay life in Malta is small but extremely dynamic. Gay bars and clubs are lively on Friday and Saturday nights.

The beaches are superb, offering naturist and gay-friendly options.

Gay Malta

Thought, visiting La Vallette should not be limited to its central town.

The capital’s surroundings offer ancient sites, Neolithic monuments and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes.

Gay beach Malta

Consider a boat trip, explore isolated island coves or visit the nearby islands of Gozo or Comino.

Gay Malta will not be the place for big parties, cruising clubs and so.

But you will always remember this beautiful island, and you will certainly crave to come back.

Gay clubs and parties in Malta

Lolli Pop night

The Bird Cage

Michel Angelo Club Lounge

Gay Malta

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