Gay Madrid Guide

Ready for a gay Madrid tour?

Ready for a gay Madrid tour? Here’s the interview of David, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Gay Madrid

Hello David, you are Gaybassador to Madrid. Can you tell us a bit about you?

My name is David, born and raised in Madrid from 3 generations, but I also used to live in London, Istanbul and New York and I still travel a lot because of my job as a journalist.

Madrid is my home town, so I know all the secrets of the city. I have worked 7 years for Guia del Ocio and currently contributing with Conde Nast Traveler and Time Out Madrid.

I´m also a well-known blogger.

Gay Madrid

Why do you love Madrid that much?

The weather, the food, the perfect size, the subway and the nightlife are the best things in Madrid. Still is not so gentrified as other cities and there is a significant tolerance for gay rights. Yes, Madrid is so gay, that´s also why I like it so much.

My favorite local places

Retiro Park, the best park in Madrid, with secret hidden areas to discover.

La Casa de Campo, the perfect wild park to visit with a bike or just to walk.

Malasaña, is the trendy hipster area, full of fantastic shops of every kind and charming people.

Vallecas area, is the new Madrid hot spot for going out. Multicultural, alternative and cheaper, but still at the center.

My favourite restaurants

Diurno, a late dinner restaurant in Chueca perfect to eat late with fresh Mediterranean food. Trendy and affordable.

Lupita, a Peruvian place with fresh ceviche and roasted chicken. Cheap, tasty and central.

Los Chuchis, a small diner in Lavapies with fantastic comfort food, made with organic ingredients form the local market.

Takos, a real Mexican place for tacos only one euro each, the best alternative to fast food if you need cheap food.

Malacatin, a typical Spanish restaurant in La Latina, to try cocido madrileño and other typical dishes.

Which are the main spots you like to show to gay travelers in Madrid?

Lavapies: is the new gay alternative neighborhood, multicultural and full of life. Food form India, Morocco, Italy… bars, coffee shops, 24h supermarkets in a very central spot than never sleeps.

Usera Chinatown: the new Madrid Chinatown, full of real Chinese restaurants and so cheap. It’s a place worth visiting to find out about the Chinese culture in Madrid.

The Triangle of Art: in Madrid, we have 3 of the leading museums in Europa: Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía, all walking distance.  Is the spot for art in the city.

Huertas and Barrio de la Letras: the best place for tapas and to see the history of Madrid. Very trendy too for shopping, especially antiques and vintage.

Gay Madrid

What about gay local life in Madrid?

Madrid gay local life is one of the biggest in the world. But to get the real experience you need a local to help you know when and where to go.

There are bars for all kinds of gay trends, and not only Chueca is gay, but there are also other new places for gays like La Latina, Malasaña Lavapiés, and Vallecas.  Alternative gay hot spots really fun to discover.

Gay Madrid

Gay bars in Madrid, and more gay venues

Fraggel Pop bar, a place for bears and admirers with good music and good vibes.

Ultrapop, the club of the most famous drag in Madrid, La Prohibida.

Bearbie, the disco for bears to go when all the bars are closing around 3am.

Thick Bar, a place in Chueca to go for a drink and find sexy guys.

Kluster, is the gay venue for dance surrounded by sexy bears and muscled guys, with the best international dj´s.


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