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Caught between France, Belgium, and Germany, the Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest European states. 

It is a kind of Monaco, but with less sunshine and much more economical and political activity. Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest states on the continent and has had a crucial role in the construction of the European Union. 

It is also a major financial center and a sort of tax haven. One hundred fifty banks are present in this small and gleaming capital. 

If you have to go to Luxembourg and read this mini-guide, it’s probably because you work at Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch, whether you live in London, Zurich or New York. 

Gay Luxembourg

Overlooking a rock and surrounded by fortifications, the medieval old town is pretty exciting and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

You can visit the charming Ducal Palace, and the Museum of Modern Art called the Mudam. The latter was built by Pei, the architect of the Pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, on the foundations of an old fortress. The building is impressive, and the temporary exhibitions are great. 

The National Museum of History and Art worth a visit, with a compact but impressive collection. 

Le Grund, nestled at the bottom of the Pétrusse valley, is the trendy district of Luxembourg. There are many restaurants and bars, surrounded by beautiful old houses, ramparts, gardens, and vineyards. 

Gay Luxembourg

Gay Life in Luxembourg 

The country is LGBT friendly. Luxembourg has Xavier Bettel as Prime Minister for more than five years. He married his charming boyfriend, an elegant Belgian architect, in 2015. 

He accompanied his husband during official ceremonies, such as at a NATO summit, where he made a very noticed, being the only man in the middle of the first ladies. 

We are looking forward to Trump or Putin’s official visit to Luxembourg, and the photos that go with it. To top it all off, the Deputy Prime Minister is also gay.  

You will probably be surprised by the proportion of beautiful Mediterranean guys in the city’s gay bars. 

Actually 20% of Luxembourg’s inhabitants have Portuguese origin.

Since the population of the Duchy is very international, you will hear all languages, English, French, Portuguese, German and even Luxembourgish. 

Gay Luxembourg

Finally, Luxembourg is strategically positioned to visit GermanyFranceNetherland or Belgium, as it is only a few hours trip by car or speed train to visit other fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as Frankfurt, CologneBrusselsAntwerpRotterdam… and even Paris, or Berlin.

And if you are really fed up with Ibiza, Mykonos or Sitges, why don’t you try to discover more mini-states of Europe, such as Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein? For sure, your friends would be amazed by your pics on Instagram.

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