Gay Ljubljana Guide

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Gay Ljubljana Guide

Slovenia is a Central European country, famous for its mountains, lakes, caves, and for its First lady, Melania Trump.

Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals, with just 280,000 inhabitants and one of the most picturesque cities for a romantic week end.

Many dragons, which are the city’s symbol will protect you from bad vibes.

The City center is compact, and getting around is easy as most of the sights are contained in a small area. You can easily explore walking by your own or with a friendly local to show you around.

The atmosphere in the old city is friendly and relaxed.

You will walk for hours admiring baroque Palaces, churches and fluid architecture of the 20th century.

The National Museum of Slovenia, and the Museum of Contemporary Art are places to discover Slovenian artists, where you will never see somewhere else as very few of them have received international recognition.

The modern identity of Ljubljana was largely influenced by Jože Plečnik, a major Slovene architect.

He designed the Triple Bridge, the embankments along the River, the open market buildings, the National Library, the cemetery, and many other buildings all around the city.

His influence on Ljubljana has been compared to that of Gaudi’s on Barcelona or Palladio in Vicenza, Italy.

The castle overlooking the city is a unique place to admire the intertwining of narrow streets, and steeples of churches.

Excellent hotels, restaurants, trendy bars and classy cafes have flourished in recent years.

Ljubljana gay life

Ljubljana is a small but extremely dynamic city. Some gay bars and clubs are very lively on Friday and Saturday nights.

Exciting museums and unique architecture, lovely walks in the city or along the lake, bars and trendy restaurants …

Ljubljana is a perfect destination for a cultural or festive gay weekend.

Melania Trump: How hard work, long legs and ambition can bring you to the White House

Since becoming the first lady of the USA, the world’s interest in Melania Trump’s hometown, Sevnica, which is a beautiful small town in Slovenia and country of origin, has increased.

“Melania tours” are organized and are a good option to explore the country in a funny and interesting way.

You will visit Melania’s town, where she was born and went to primary school.

You will visit the surrounding vineyards to taste traditional local food.

Then you will explore all the trendy places she used to go, before becoming an international model, and then meeting a blond American millionaire in New-York.

Well, as you are in Ljubljana, maybe you could make a try and become the next “First Gentlemen” of United-States.

Gay Ljubljana

Day trips from Ljubljana

Close to the border with Austria, Lake Bled is incredibly scenic and it is one of Slovenia’s most famous tourist destinations.

Then you can go to Predjama Castle, an incredible place of medieval architecture, as the palace was built across the mouth of a giant cave.

Gay Slovenia

Postojna Cave is accessible by train, has 24 km of fairy tells tunnels to explore, and you will use a small train during your visit.

One of the caves has been transformed into a ball room, with crystal Chandeliers. Maybe you can hire this place for your gay wedding 😉

Gay Club in Ljubljana

Tiffany Club

Gay Saunas in Ljubljana

Sauna Gymnasium

District 35

Gay beach close to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is just 80 kilometers from the seaside, so you can easily reach the coast for a day trip, and to explore the beautiful Venetian city of Piran, and its coastline. On its beaches, you can often get nude and the atmosphere is very gay-friendly.

Gay Ljubljana

Ljubljana is an ideal position to reach other fascinating cities such as Venice, Padua, Belgrade, Zagreb or Dubrovnik.

You can as well consider taking a flight or a train to explore other beautiful Central and Eastern Europe capitals such as Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Sofia Warsaw, or Bratislava. And of course you could visit Berlin for more art and fun … or just fun.

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