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Here is the interview of Tom, a local from the City.

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Hello Tom, you are from Innsbruck. Can you tell us a bit more about you?

I was born in Innsbruck and lived here all my life – except two years, one spent in Vienna and one in Braga, Portugal. I like to travel, but I always appreciate a lot to come back to my hometown. I studied German and History, work as a teacher, and also occasionally as a tourist guide.

Why do you love Innsbruck that much?

I love Innsbruck because the town is not too small and not too big. Within a few minutes, you are in nature: woods, meadows, mountains …
And for its size (132.000 inhabitants) the town offers a lot of history, monuments, museums, culture, events, bars, sports-possibilities …

Gay Innsbruck

Which are the landmarks/areas you would like to show in Innsbruck to gay travelers?

The old town center with the Imperial palace, the cathedral, the town-tower, and the Golden Roof, built by emperor Maximilian I. around 1500.

Court Church with the grave monument of Emperor Maximilian I.

Maria-Theresien-Street, the main shopping street with its monuments.

Bergisel – a hill in the south of the town – with the Tirol-Panorama, which presents a scene of the Tyrolean freedom war of 1809, and with the modern ski-jump planned by Zaha Hadid.

Gay Innsbruck

What about your favorite secret local places?

Not many tourists walk over the bridge to the left side of the river, where the districts of Mariahilf, Hötting and St. Nikolaus are. I love this area a lot.
Another favorite place of me is the park of the Ambras-Castle.

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Which restaurants would you recommend in Innsbruck?

There are a lot of restaurants in Innsbruck from cheap to expensive, from typical Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine to food from all over the world.

Schindler is a stylish bar and restaurant with an excellent kitchen, but also expensive with a view at St. Anns Column.

Das weiße Rössl a wine bar in the Oldtown, the Café in the court of Palais Trapp is very lovely for a short break or in the neighboring court the Arkadenhof, the best view over the town is from Adler´s bar or Lichtblick.

The Bar on the top of Hotel Penz is well known for its cocktails. For a drink, in the afternoon I recommend the bar of the Stage 12 Hotel.

Gay Innsbruck

Which are the gay venues you would recommend in Innsbruck?

Schickeria bar (open Thursdays to Saturdays), Easy-Bar and Baccus Club. The Dom-Cafe next to the cathedral and the M+M Bar on the left bank.

What about gay life in Innsbruck?

Innsbruck is a small town – so there is unfortunately not a lot of gay life, but there are a view gay-friendly or gay bars.

Gay Innsbruck

From Innsbruck, you can as well consider taking a flight or a train to explore other beautiful Central and Eastern Europe cities such as Vienna, the Austrian Gay capital, Budapest, Prague, Sofia Warsaw, or Bratislava. And of course, you could visit Munich, Zurich or Berlin for more art, ski and fun … or just fun.

If you are crossing the Austrian Alps, do not hesitate to stop in Salzburg, or even Liechtenstein.

Gay Innsbruck
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