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First point, main point, and only point: Iceland is the country of the amazing Gus Gus, the best electro group ever. 

You don’t need more information.

Just go to the airport NOW and take the next flight to Reykjavik.

And if you don’t have the money ask Granny.

Go to Reykjavik NOW

Iceland has a unique landscape, isolated from the rest of the world, this small country of only 300 000 inhabitants is famed for its fjords, views of the Northern lights and delicacies such as rotten shark.

Gay Reykjavik

Due to its position between mainland Europe and America the population swells to include ‘stop-over’ airline tourists spending the night between flights within the towns bars and clubs.

Gay Reykjavik

Reykjavik, a great place to party

As one of the first countries in the world to decriminalise homosexuality, Iceland attitude to the LGBTQ+ community is extremely friendly.

gay life in Iceland

Elected in 2009, Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurðardóttir is openly Gay and celebrations such as Gay Pride brings together almost half of the country’s population.

Gay Reykjavik

Reykjavik, the capital with an unpronounceable name, hosts vivid nightlife especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

The City centre is full of restaurants serving whale, reindeer or arctic char.. Reykjavik is packed with beautiful design shops, art galleries and young designers creations.

There is not a proper gay area in Reykjavík as the City in its entirely gay-friendly. Hence, as in many Scandinavian countries, the 100% gay establishment are pretty rare. You will feel welcome everywhere.

282 phalluses to admire

The Icelandic Phallological Museum is a must see. Devoted exclusively to the study of the mammalian phallus, it has 282 biological specimens from 93 species.

The museum has a human specimen thanks to a gift from Pall Arason, an Icelandic who died in 2011 at the age of 95.

Notice to fans: the founder of the museum is waiting for more candidates and wants more human phallus for his collection. So, if you want your phallus to be admired by thousands of people for the next centuries, do not hesitate to apply. Ok, that’s’ a joke but …

Gay Reykjavik

Horses, whales and bears

The rest of the country is a land of emptiness and will delight lovers of nature and open spaces.

Iceland’s topography differs greatly from volcanic pools to lunar landscapes so exploring it is highly recommended. You can explore amazing places even a few kilometers from the capital.

For instance you can visit the Blue Lagoon, an artificial hot lake located 40 km from the capital. It is a spa where people enjoy the pleasures of nature.

Gay Reykjavik

Alternatively, you could go for a horseback ride, snowmobile, or a boat trip to see whales in their natural environment.

Another way to explore the country and to meet locals is to join in August the Annual ‘Bears on ice’ festival. It is a friendly men social event for bears and friends where you get to see a little bit of Iceland and have fun with likeminded guys.

You can attend the usual parties and drinking tours, but also join swimming, hiking, skiing events with sexy bears from all over the world.

Gay Reykjavik

Gay bars in Iceland … and more Gus Gus



As you are in Iceland you caneasily flight to US, Canada, or go back to Europe. As you are now used to the cold, why not explore more Scandinavian Cities such as CopenhagenStockholmOslo, or even Baltic Cities such as Tallin, Vilnius or Riga ? Those 3 last cities, it will help your wallet to recover.

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