Gay Girona Guide

Ready for a gay Girona tour?

Ready for a gay Girona tour? Here’s the interview of Daniel, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Gay Girona

Hello Daniel, you are Gaybassador for Girona. Can you tell us a bit more about you?

I am a Spanish guy living in Girona since 1980. Time goes by so quickly …

I came for work, and I decided to stay here because I fell in love with the City at first sight.

Currently, I work in a tourism office in a Little town in the mountains, close to Girona.

Why do you like Girona that much?

Girona is the capital of northern Catalonia. We are not very far from the coast, the Pyrenees the border and of course Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya. Girona is a popular destination for day-trippers from Barcelona, as the train journey is just forty minutes by express trains. Thought, in my opinion, if you really want to know this fantastic city and its beautiful surroundings, you should stay a minimum 3-4 full days.

Girona is a perfect city for me, and I think for many people. It is a right balance between the « hot latin and vibrant Spain » and the chill and developed North Europe. It has the best of both sides, lovely 300 sunny days per year and more than 2000 years of History.

Gay Girona

Which are the landmarks/areas you would like to show in Girona to gay travellers?

I love to show the town chronologically for a better understanding.

I would say the main spots in the city are:

Walking along the secrets narrow streets of the Old town, which is walkable and packed with restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, medieval, gothic and modernista buildings, untouched for years or centuries. Exploring the city at night, when the tourists have left is a wonderful experience, and you feel like going back to the past.

You will reach the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the landmark of the City, climbing 90 impressive stairs. The building is an amazing example of a Catalan Gothic style.

The walls of the City are another popular sight. They are an impressive construction built by the Roman, and nowadays absorbed by the city. From there you can enjoy a great view of the city center and all the countryside.

Next to the cathedral, the former Palau Episcopal, is nowadays an interesting Museum specializing in Religious art.

Girona is a must-see for Game of Thrones fans, as season 6 was shooted here.

Gay Girona

Which restaurants would you recommend in Girona?

Girona is a foodie destination, and it’s very difficult to recommend just a few places. New good restaurants are opening every year and you can always try new experiences.

In the middle of the old town, you will find Vadevins Restaurant. It is a nice place where you will find, pinxos, tapas, good wines, sausages and pleasant environment. I really love this place. If you visit Girona and want authenticity this is the not to be missed.

Always good and well-priced, Bionbo Café Gastrobar is another excellent choice, with a creative combination of flavours. The chef, Xavier Aguado mostly uses seasonal and local products, coming from surrounding organic farms. The food is brilliant and the staff is very friendly. It is highly recommended. It’s better to book in advance, as the place is so popular and there is just a few tables.

El Caliu

An attention of 10, attentive, obliging and very polite. The nice restaurant, presented and very agreeable good. The food of excellent quality, with great variety but balanced.

El 9Burg

It does not have price… And it is possible to say that it is amazing. Calm place with a dining room in the shape of cave. Perfect service with many happiness. The interest for the kitchen is fantastic.

Om (Vegetarian)

First quality local products for a very reasonable prices and with an incredible presentation. Excellent service. Placed next to the Museum of the Jews and just 100 meters of the cathedral of Girona.

Gay Girona

What about gay life in Girona?

Obviously, Girona gay scene is pretty small. If you want late nights, you can actually go to Barcelona or to the coast easily, which are just one-hour drive.Thought the city is very gay-friendly and LGBT people have a very excellent quality of life here.

In the city centre, you will find Il Picolo Cafe where you can enjoy a typical Italian aperitif. It is a small bar of Girona placed in a privileged place, with a few incredible sights just opposite the houses that back onto the river Onyar and close to Plaça de la Independència.

Here the smile is never lacking. Every specific date organises a thematic holiday worth celebrating. This is definitively a small place with a great environment.

Gay Girona


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