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Genoa is the Baroque jewel of the Mediterranean due to its resistance to modernist temptations.

It is the center of cultural, economic, political and gay life of Liguria. 

The City center is compact and getting around is easy as most of the sights are contained within a small area.

You can easily explore walking on your own or with a friendly local who can show you around.

To really enjoy the city, you will need at least two days and maybe one more to recover from your exciting Saturday night, as local gay life can be pretty vivid.

Gay Genoa

Among the many splendors of the old town, there is the San Lorenzo cathedral,

which features a black and white striped facade and a frescoed interior, the former Doge’s Palace, which now houses art exhibitions, the Baroque Chiesa del Jesù and of course, the lovely Piazza San Matteo.

Its narrow streets lead to great squares such as Piazza de Ferrari.

Genoa is an ideal destination for a romantic weekend, with plenty to explore, endless beauties to discover along with hidden jewels.

Take your time walking and admiring the old city, crammed with attractive churches, Baroque palaces, historical districts, remarkable museums and exquisite gardens and parks.

After a full day touring, take a break and enjoy your time in the trendy area close to the port, packed with creative restaurants, hipsters’ cafés, art galleries, antique shops and young designers stalls.

Moreover, the city is inexpensive compared to Western European or American standards.  You can have a great time there without breaking the bank.

Genova offers fantastic gastronomical experiences and its unique local cuisine will amaze you.

Gay Genoa

The gay area in Genoa

Even if the gay bars are not as numerous as in Milano or Nice, the atmosphere is friendly and gay locals are very welcoming with tourists.

Same as with other major cities, Genoa’s gay bars and clubs are packed on Friday and Saturday nights. The biggest gay event in Genoa is Gay Pride, which is celebrated every year in June.

Unique museums, lovely walks in the old city, gay bars and trendy restaurants

Genoa is a perfect destination for a cultural or festive weekend while traveling alone, with friends or with your beloved one.

Finally, Genoa is strategically positioned when visiting Italy, as it is only a few hours drive by car or train to make your way to fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as Milan, or Turin or even Venice, Padoa, Bologna, Rome and Naples.

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