Gay Fuerteventura Guide

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Unlike Gran Canaria or Tenerife, it remained away from the large tourist flows for a very long time. 

The island kept a pretty unspoiled environment and got classified as Unesco’s biosphere reserve in 2009.

Gay Fuerteventura

There is not exclusively gay venues on the island, but Fuerteventura is very LGBT friendly.

Located just one hundred kilometers from the Moroccan coast, it offers a pleasant and warm climate all year round.

A large part of the island is a desert. The island has hundreds of beautiful and unspoiled beaches and some of the longest in the archipelago.

Gay Fuerteventura

Corralejo is a friendly seaside resort city right in the middle of a national park offering a remarkably preserved environment.

It is very international, as many North Europeans craving for sun settled here.

The national park is bordered by dunes that flow into the sea, forming vast and beautiful white sand beaches. The island has hundreds of beautiful and unspoiled beaches that can discover.

A tour through the mountains is essential to discover some lunar landscapes.

Gay Fuerteventura

Day Trip from Fuerteventura

You could try to visit the neighboring island of Lanzarote, a nearby volcanic island, easily accessible with local ferries. The landscapes and panoramas are astonishing, forged by the eruptions of dozens of volcanoes.

Timanfaya National Park offers spectacular craters.

Gay Fuerteventura

A few meters from the ground, the island’s subsoil is permanently boiling.

The restaurant El Diablo, with its beautiful architecture, offers a panoramic view of lunar landscapes.

The chef grills the food in a well dug under the restaurant.

Cueva de Los Verdes is a vast lava cave illuminated with colorful lights,  which became a major tourist attraction.

It is famous for its immense and unexpected concert hall, settled inside the caves. That’s better than Las Vegas.

Gay life in Fuerteventura

ACorralejo is packed with gay-friendly bars and restaurants,butyou will not find exclusively gay bars or parties in Fuerteventura.

If after a few days here you are craving for rainbow flags and drag queens

take the next ferry to Gran Canaria, and enjoy the fun of Maspalomas. 

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