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Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is undoubtedly the cradle of the Renaissance and one of the treasures of Italy.

Gay Florence Italy

It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Majestic palaces, magical gardens, winding streets, secret churches, and the dome of the massive cathedral all dominate the city–Florence will never stop impressing you.

The crowd is particularly dense, as the city attracts millions of tourists each year.

As for Prague, Rome or Venice, we would recommend visiting the city off-season, which means in autumn or winter: more rain and snow, the better 😉. You are not coming to Florence for sunbathing anyway.

Gay Florence Italy

Florence is also one of the cradles of homosexual aesthetics

Some pieces of art in Palazzo Pitti or at Uffizi Museum will certainly remind you of party flyers from London or Ibiza. Apparently, they already used to regularly go to the gym 5 centuries ago.

The Piazza della Senoria will leave you smiling, as the homoerotic atmosphere is palpable at every corner.

Everywhere you will admire pairs of butts engraved in marble, salient pecs and biceps, softened phallus, dominant warriors, submissive warriors, staring unabashedly the path of time, and a huge tourist crowd.

Gay Florence Italy

During Italian Renaissance the pressure on homosexuals was less intense than in the past. The rediscovery of masterpieces of Roman and Greek Antiquity accentuates this phenomenon.

Gay and bisexual collectors found through the arts a way to express themselves and glorify the beauty of nude male and female bodies. Lorenzo de Medici, Michel Angelo, or Leonardo da Vinci are among those famous historical figures.

The reputation of a gay heaven was known all around Europe. In Germany, the verb “Florence” was used as a synonym of sodomize. In France, homosexuality was often called the “Florence vice.”

Gay Florence Italy

At Galleria dell ‘Accademia, the David statue sculptured by Michel Angelo summarizes alone the spirit of those times.

Nowadays, far from being a museum city, Florence, with half a million inhabitants, is the heart of a vibrant region with a strong industrial and craft tradition.

Florence is one of the capitals of Italian fashion with Milan

Gay Florence Italy

Many fashion houses were born there, such as Gucci, Pucci and Ferragamo. Via del Tornabuoni is the epicenter Florentine luxury tradition.

It is on this street that the Ferragamo Museum is located, where they display some 10,000 models of shoes, from the 20s to the 60s. This place is a real dream for Drag Queens.

Another must for fashion victims: Florence is well known for its luxurious outlets, usually located a few kilometers from the City center. You can buy on those malls prestigious brands products at “factory prices,” with discounts up to 70%.

Regarding the price of the Dolce & Gabanna swimsuit, spending an afternoon there is a very good investment.

The city is famous as well for its excellent restaurants, cafes and wine bars, set in beautiful settings, with prices that can reach peaks.

Gay Life in Florence

The gay life of Florence is not extremely developed, but you will be able have a great time at special parties at Cisco Club or at Airy Gold.

Gay beaches close to Florence

Gay beach Tuscany

In summer, do not hesitate to drive to the seaside resort of Torre Del Lago, the Tuscan version of Sitges.

The two main gay-friendly beaches are La Lecciona, a vast white sand beach lined with pine forests, and Mama beach, a very queer venue where you can rent a sunbed and umbrella for the day.

Finally, Florence is strategically positioned when visiting Italy, from North to South, as it is only a few hours drive by car or train to make your way to fascinating and gay-friendly cities such as San Marino, Rome, Milan, TurinVenice, Padoa, Naples or Bologna. Or even take a flight to MaltaAthens or Mykonos for more art and sun … or just sun.

Ufficiali di Notte, the special court for Florence’s Sodomites

During the Renaissance, a specialized law court is set up up to fight sodomy, which was apparently increasingly fashionable.

Many prostitutes from Florence cross-dressing as men as they were losing too many clients.

Since 1325, sodomy was punished by castration. Though this extreme punishment was never really applied.

Gay Florence bars

the Ufficiali di Notte, a special court, was set up.

Between 1432 and 1502, 17 000 men were sued and 3 000 fined. Thought, death penalty was very rarely applied.

The official Registry of Notte records makes a distinction between tops and bottoms. The bottoms were in general not condemned. Of 594 condemnations, 574 were tops. 

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