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With 340 days of sunshine per year, Cyprus is a unique place to spend a worm holiday. 

The island forged by centuries of history, at the crossroads of conflicts between East and West, remains divided, but nowadays tensions are less significant. In many aspects, Cyprus is a blend of Greek culture on South, and Turkish culture on North.

The Cyprus Museum provides a better understanding of the history and influences that have shaped this country over several millennia. 

Gay Cyprus

This tormented history should not prevent you from discovering all the beauties of the island, between beaches with turquoise waters, magnificent ancient sites and a relaxed atmosphere towards LGBT travelers. 

Among the island’s must-see attractions is, of course, the capital Nicosia, a city rich in history, monuments and museums. 

As you cross the island and its mountains, you will come across typical villages, monasteries and many ancient sites before arriving on the beautiful coasts. 

In Paphos, you can visit the archaeological sites linked to the cult of Aphrodite, a Greek godess. 

The valleys of Marathassa, Cedars, and Pitsilia contain Byzantine chapels listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Gay Cyprus

Gay Life in Cyprus 

The legal situation has evolved very positively over the past twenty years. European Union has accelerated this trend.

Although the gay inhabitants remain discreet, as the island is small, pretty rural and traditional, gay life is vivacious, especially in summer. 

Of course, you will find many beautiful beaches all around the island, and some of them are very gay-friendly. 

Gay Mallorca

From Cyprus, you can reach by boat Greek islands and cities, such as Mykonos, Athens or Thessaloniki.

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