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Ready for a gay Budapest tour? Here’s the interview of Peter, a local from the city.

Gay Budapest

Hey Peter, you are from Budapest. Tell us a bit more about you

Okay, so hey guys and girls, Peter here. I live in Budapest for more than 10 years now. Today, I am 33 and unlikely from the majority of Hungarians I am happy, gay and not afraid to say it out loud.

For many years, I work in a big multinational company, and besides my work, I try to live my life 100%.

As I love life, I am a foodie and champagne lover: “It is never too early for wine”.

Traveling is one of my favorites, try to make every year a longer trip to another continent and some smaller trips to Europe.

I truly believe in smiling, so if you meet me, you will get some of this energy too.

Gay Budapest

Why do you love Budapest that much?

Even though I wasn’t born in Budapest, I have spent my last 10 years here, and at first, I did not like it.

I am just moving soon to my new apartment just right in the heart of the city. Budapest has a little of everything that is Europe.

Hard to say that we are in the east or central Europe, but the thing that is clear is Budapest is very “it City” now.

The City went through so many changes in the last 6-7 years, and this energy is still on, and there is so much more to come.

What I love in Budapest in 5 words: City of SPAs, Market Halls, Parliament, Jewish party district, Coffee.

My favorite local places

My number one is the Danube, whenever I go home, and I am stressed, there is a spot where I park my car, sit on a stone and just listen and look at the city.

Two is the Citadella, that may be one of the most touristic are nowadays, but there are some spots unknown, where you can sit with a coffee and look at the city from above.

Three is my favorite coffee place in the center, where I can pick up my Americano on ice on a summer morning.

Four is the market halls with the old ladies selling their fruits, marmalade, butchers those fantastic meats.

Market Hall is a lifestyle, in Budapest, we say: “if you do not have your butcher where you go to, you are not an adult”. I can show you my favorite four places, or we can find yours.

Gay Budapest

My restaurants 

Seriously this is the hardest question, knowing that I have character limitation.

At the moment I die for Hilda, a fresh new character in the 5th district with only local ingredients and the best-grilled chicken.

Divino next to St. Stephen’s Basilica, is the ultimate go-to place if you like wine and want to taste the local ones.

They also have a menu so you can pick some great food stuff there.

I was in a place yesterday that just opened, but already my favorite called Börze also in the 5.

Casual dining, attentive service, and great wines…what else do we need guys?

Gay Budapest

Which are the 4 main spots you like to show to gay travelers in Budapest? 

I think I show more than 4. Figured, what is definitely on the agenda is the Hungarian Parliament and its surroundings, the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Jewish quarter and depending on when we make the tour a Market Hall.

Probably a Wine bar or restaurant, oops that was more than 4, but come on, I cannot limit myself to 4 spots in the city J.

What I always try to keep on the eye is what the travelers want to see, I always ask for their interest, what they might have seen.

For me, during these visits, the most important is to create a memory and to have at least one take away for the travelers they will always remember.

Gay Budapest

What about gay local life in Budapest? 

Budapest developed a lot here, and there are my gay party events that are making parties almost every weekend.

My favorite is the VIBE parties that are organized by one of my friends, and they are always in a different location with great music and crew.

Beside this, there are bars and cafés saunas targeting the gay guys. Whatever you want from a Budapest visit, the city can surely provide you.

My gay bars in Budapest, and more LGBT places

Vibe Parties

I would put here Ankert that is also hosting the VIBE parties looks like a ruin bar, and have in one place everything we expect from Budapest.

Alter Ego

Since 2007, Alter Ego is considered as the most popular and exciting gay club in Budapest. Moreover, even the only one to be exact 😉 as other famous parties turn from one venue to another.

Every weekend, they organize spectacular Drag Queen shows, presented by the “Alterego Trans Company” and Lady Dömper. You will see on stage, the most famous Hungarian drag queens, such as Betty Blue, Mary Lou or Giselle.

Note that the club is just opened on Friday and Saturday evenings, from 22h to 5/6 am. You will find the club in Dessewffy Street. Get prepared to queue especially on Saturday evenings if you arrive after midnight, but maybe this is a good way to make new local friends.


is since 2012 a monthly glamorous gay party for beautiful people. Nowadays. The parties are usually set in Kasino club, but it can change for special events.

More Gay bars and clubs in Budapest 

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