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For sure, the Romanian Capital is not a major gay destination.

That’s a shame, because Romania, like Bucharest, is full of wonders and great places to discover. Dracula, haunted castles, sexy guys and much more … 

Prices there, for accommodation, restaurants or night out are meager, which is always good to know. 

Bucharest, long nicknamed “Little Parisbecause of the quality of its architecture, its shaded boulevards, its impressive monuments, is undergoing significant restructuring. 

The city is a composite of 19th-century palaces, museums, orthodox churches, art deco buildings and megalomaniac pieces of communist architecture. 

Gay Bucharest

The People’s Palace, built by the last communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, is considered as the largest administrative building in the world just after the Pentagon, in Washington DC. 

A considerable part of the old town had to be razed to the ground to build this enormous building. 

It includes more than 1000 rooms, crystal chandeliers, marble, and gilding. Ceausescu were communists but loved luxury and glitz as much as Saudi princes. 

The National Art Museum of Romania, located in the former Royal Palace, has a concentration of beautiful classical collections and works of talented Romanian artists. 

To learn more about the country, the Romanian Village, is a place where you can admire dozens of old houses, mill churches, and other buildings brought back from all over Romanian countryside. 

The Romanian Peasant Museum will complete this visit. You will admire traditional clothing, wear by peasants during ceremonies or significant events. Many pieces look incredibly trendy and modern and could be wear in fashion shows in Paris or Milan.  

Gay Bucharest

After your visit, you can reach the Lipscani district, to discover its trendy shops, restaurants, and bars… 

At night, Bucharest turns as a paradise for opera and classical music lovers. Romanian groups are renowned throughout Europe, and the Romanian Athenaeum and the National Opera are real architectural wonders. 

Besides, the price of the tickets are meager, so this is a unique opportunity for great classical music in magical settings. 

Gay Bucharest

Gay area in Bucharest 

Gay life in Bucharest is increasingly lively and dynamic even if it remains discreet. The country is changing but remains pretty traditional. You will find great places to spend an excellent weekend. 

Gay Bucharest
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