Gay Brussels Guide

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Gay Brussels Guide

Manneken Piss, Grand Place, Art Nouveau and crazy parties … this is Brussels in a few words.

With 2.1 million inhabitants, Brussels is the center of cultural, economic, political and gay life in Belgium and the administrative capital of Europe.

It is the core of a 5 million inhabitants conurbation extending from Ghent to Antwerp.

Brussels is an ideal destination for a romantic or festive weekend,

with plenty to explore, from great gay life parties to hidden Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewels.

Brussels is not a large city, but its extraordinarily alluring and dynamic. You can easily explore walking or biking, on your own or with a local to show you around.

Moreover, the city is pretty cheap compared to the most significant metropolis, such as Paris or London, so you can have a great time there without getting broke.

Accommodation is exceptionally affordable during the weekends. 

The weather can be rainy and grey, but you are not coming to Brussels to sunbathe anyway.

Take your time walking and admiring the old city, crammed with beautiful churches and elegant palaces, historical districts, remarkable museums such as pedestrian streets, exquisite gardens, and parks … Grand Place and Manneken Pis should not be missed.

The architecture in Brussels is very diverse from Gothic to the postmodern buildings of the EU institutions.

Victor Horta Art nouveau buildings, such as Hôtel Tassel, Hôtel Solvay, Hôtel van Eetvelde, have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Brussels is also packed with Art Deco buildings

such as the Residence Palace, the Centre for Fine Arts, the Villa Empain, or the Radio House.

Brussels ranks as one of Europe’s best capital cities for flea market shopping.

The old Market, on the Place du Jeu de Balle in the Marolles neighborhood, it is particularly renowned. Such as nearby Sablon area, home to many of Brussels’ antique shops.

Brussels has more than 80 museums to discover.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts and The Magritte Museum, dedicated to the work of the Belgian surrealist artist, are filled with treasures, and you should not miss them.

The Atomium, an iron structure of the 50’s, overlooking the city is a unique place to admire the city and its surroundings.

After a full day visiting, have some rest and joyful time in the trendy area of Brussels, packed with creative restaurants, hipster cafés, trendy fashion boutiques, vintage stores, barbershops art galleries, antique shops, and young designer stalls.

The gay area in Brussels

The atmosphere of the city is friendly, and Brussels is a great destination for a weekend.

Gay nightlife concentrates around Rue du Charbon with dozens of gay bars, clubs, saunas, cruising spots.

Like anywhere else, the gay bars and clubs in Brussels get extremely packed on Fridays and Saturdays.

La Demence party, which attracts people from all over Europe, is a must.

The biggest gay event in Belgium is the Brussels Gay pride, which takes place every year in June, attracting participants from all the country and an increasing number of gay travelers.

Day trip from Brussels

Some of Belgium’s most exciting attractions are right on Brussels’ doorstep.

The country is pretty small, and you reach most other Belgian gay-friendly cities such as Gent or Antwerp in less than one hour by train. 

The historic medieval city center of Bruges, called the Venice of the North, is classified as World Heritage Site of UNESCO, and it is the perfect romantic escape from the city, or for a chill out after La Démence.

Exciting museums, lovely walks in the old city, Art Nouveau buildings, gay bars, and trendy restaurants …

Brussels is a perfect destination for a cultural or festive weekend, traveling alone, with friends or with your beloved one.

Finally, Brussels is a strategical position to visit Europe, as it is only a few hours trip by Thalys or Eurostar, to enjoy exciting gay-friendly cities such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Lille, London or Paris.

Brussels Gay Bars

La Boule Rouge 



La Reserve 

Station BXL 

Le Dolores 

Le Bélgica 

Brussels Gay Clubs and parties

La Demence

Flash Tea Dance  


Cat Club 

Brussels Gay Cruising

Stamm Bar 

Revelation Party

Brussels Gay Sauna

Sauna Macho

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