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Brighton is without doubt, one of the most vibrant and eccentric cities in UK.

Since the 19th century, without doubt, it became a party City for Londoners and acquired a reputation for tolerance, especially in Victorian times, when social and moral pressure were at their high.

Gay beach Brighton

Therefore, Brighton was quickly adopted by British gays, and became the unofficial gay capital of England.

In the eighties, Brighton was considered as an old-fashioned and pretty cheap weekend destination. On those times you were going there to eat greasy fish and chips, and to buy Samantha Fox, Kylie Minogue or Sabrina’s mugs.

In 1984 Magaret Thatcher escaped from a terrorist attack in Brighton. This place remains so eighties for ages.

But the city has since regained its splendor and became once again a favorite destination for trendy Londoners, and for gay weddings organizers.

Nowadays 15% of the City’s population is gay and its gay pride attracts more than 150,000 people each year.

Gay beach Brighton

This city of tolerance is also known for its Trans Pride which takes place during the summer.

Brighton is famous as well for the quality of its architecture, and it is considered as the capital of Regency style, with beautiful squares and crescents all around the City.

The highlight of the visit is the Royal Pavilion, a spectacular seaside palace built for George IV and transformed in 1823 into one of the most incredible buildings of England.

The building is covered with domes and minarets. The Royal Pavilion Tea room overlooks the gardens, and it is the perfect place for a typical British Sunday brunch you will never forget.

Gay beach Brighton

A walk on the Pier at sunset is another essential activity for your stay in Brighton.

In the evening, you will explore The Lane District, a tangle of narrow streets lined with pubs, restaurants, art galleries, antiques shops and bookstores.

Most gay bars and clubs can be found in the Kempten area, St. James Street and around Old Stein Park. There are dozens of places where you can party all night long, and for sure you will spend a crazy week end in this British version of Sitges.

From Brighton, you can organise a tour around other exciting British Cities such as London, Brighton, Liverpool or Manchester. Or why not, take a flight to Dublin and continue the party.

Gay beach Brighton

Gay Pubs in Brighton

Bedford Tavern 



Camelford Arms 

Charles Street Tap 

Doctor Brighton’s 

Gay beach Brighton

Grosvenor Bar  

Infinity Bar 

Legends Bar 


Queens Arm 


Zone Bar 

Gay beach Brighton

Gay Clubs in Brighton

Basement Club  

Green Door Store 


Gay Sauna in Brighton 

Brighton Sauna 

Boiler Room Sauna  

Gay beach Brighton

Cruising Bars in Brighton 

Don’t Tell Mama 


Gay beach Brighton
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