Gay Bogota Guide

Ready for a gay Bogota tour?

Ready for a gay Bogota tour? Here’s the interview of Aurelio, a local Gaybassador of the city.

Hello Aurelio, can you tell us a bit about you? 

I am originally from Cartagena in Colombia, but I moved to Bogota when I was very young. A few years ago, I have been studying here, and I began my professional career as an engineer. I am currently living in Germany to fulfill a Masters in engineering.

Gay Bogota

Why do you love Bogota that much? 

Bogota is the capital of Colombia, with 7 million inhabitants. It was founded by Spaniards in the 16th Century, as the capital of New Kingdom of Granada. As the City is so big, you always find something nice to do. We have here 60 museums, 70 art galleries, 45 theaters, and more than 150 national monuments.

Twenty years ago, the City and the country had to face a very severe conflict. But things have changed in a right way, and nowadays it is a very safe place for inhabitants and tourists.

You can feel significant and radical changes everywhere and fills me with happiness.

Gay Bogota

Your favorite places in Bogota 

I think it is essential for tourists to visit museums and exhibitions that explain the history of our country and how we became who we are today, a mix of pre-Columbian and European culture.

You should start your visit to the Candelaria district. It is the historic center of Bogota and the place to find top museums, government palaces, and beautiful old colonial buildings along narrow cobblestone streets.

The Gold Museum, Museo del Orois a must see in Bogota. It owns the world most extensive collection of pre-Columbian gold artifacts, and it is a fantastic introduction to the indigenous cultures which existed before the Spanish conquest of America.

Another fantastic place is Bottero Museum. This world-famous Colombian artist donates more than 200 pieces of art to his country, and you can see them now in a beautiful colonial house of Candelaria district.

Then you could go to the Pink zone. This is the cool and trendy part of Bogota. It offers a lot of great venues, and you could spend easily a full day there.

At the end of the day, you should take the cable car of Monserrate to get a magical view of the city. It’s impressive and beautiful.

Gay Bogota

Your favorite restaurants 

Leo. This is the right place to try typical Colombian food. It’s a very distinguished place, and it has won various international awards.

The wok. I guess you know the concept, but this one has a very different touch as it offers a mix of Asian and Latin flavors.

Crêpes and waffles. This is the right place for French food with a Latin touch. The result is exquisite. They have branches all around the City, and even restaurants in Mexico, Panama, Chile, and Spain.

Your favorite gay Bogota bars and venues 

LGBT community is pretty well accepted in Colombia, especially in big cities. Chapinero is the area where you will find most of the gay places.

El Teatron. It was initially a theater of the 50’s that became a famous nightclub. The place is just tremendous, gets packed every weekend, and the musical offer is extensive, from international to Latin music.

El mozo is a modern nightclub. It’s very trendy and attracts the young crowd of Bogota.

Tribal is another kind of environment. It is a 100% Latin bar. You should really try it to know about Colombian music.

El Perro y la calambria is a retro Latin bar. The atmosphere is impressive.