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A former industrial City, stricken in the 70s and 80s, Bilbao made a dazzling comeback on the international scene in just a few decades.

Gay Bilbao

The capital of the Basque Country has transformed from a declining City to a world-renowned example of urban renewal.

In which City would you begin your holiday visiting the underground from the Airport?

Maybe in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. Or in Singapour, just to know if you would be really whipped for eating Durian.

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It all began in 1991 when the City, against all the odds, was selected to host the European branch of the Guggenheim Foundation.

This project was entrusted to Frank Gehry, who was already a world-renowned architect. In just a few years the Guggenheim Museum came out of the ground and was immediately recognized, with its titanium wave shapes, as one of the most beautiful contemporary architectural achievements in Europe.

From Gehry to Calatrava, an architecture tour of Bilbao

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Since then, great architects, designers, and artists from around the world made Bilbao their playground, which surprises for a City of this scale.

You can achieve here a real tour of contemporary architecture from the end of the 20th century.

Santiago Calatrava built the bridge that connects the Museum to the Old City, as well as a part of the airport, Norman Foster built up Metro.

César Pelli, Philippe Starck, Robert Stern and Ricardo Legoretta have also left their mark in building renovations or impressive skyscraper constructions.

Gay restaurant Bilbao

In the evening you have to take a tour of the Old City and walk through the 7 Calles (the Seven Streets), especially to taste the local specialties in one of the many Pintxo Bars, the Basque version of the famous Spanish tapas bars.

gay bars in Bilbao

The most famous are Sorginzulo, Berton or Claudio bar, where you will taste an innovative and refined cuisine. Bilbao is really one of the capitals of Spanish gastronomy.

A stop at the Ribera market, known for the quality of its local farmers production, or a drink at the legendary Café Iruna, will make you fall in love with this City.

Gay nightlife in Bilbao concentrates in the neighborhood of Las Cortes.

The gay venues are not as numerous as in Madrid or Barcelona.

Thought the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming with tourists.  And beautiful Basques will be delighted to see new faces arriving.

Gay Pamplona

From Bilbao, you can easily visit two other exciting and very gay-friendly cities such as San Sebastian, the very chic seaside town, and Pamplona, known for its annual bull race.

Countryside, mountains and seaside are close by and you can easily admire beautiful panoramas and discover charming villages in the middle of one of the many nature parks.

And who knows, you may find surprising atmospheres and sexy Basque guys from the mountains.

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Gay bars and clubs in Bilbao

La Korrala Bar

Lamiak Bar

Bizitza Bar

Balcon de la Lola

Badulake Bar Bilbao

Gay Saunas in Bilbao

Sauna Ego Bilbao

Sauna Element Bilbao

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