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Here’s the interview of Jairo, a local from the City.

Hello Jairo, you are a local for Berlin. Can you tell us a bit about you?

I studied social communication in Sao Paulo, but I moved to Berlin when I was very young. I worked in advertising agencies for years, and now as a touristic guide in Berlin, in Potsdam and Leipzig.

Gay Berlin

Why do you love Berlin that much?

In my opinion, Berlin is the most open-minded Gay City in Europe. As a gay person, everyday life is pretty simple, and if you like partying or just have some beers, there are so many right places to go.

I really like the “traditional” gay area of Shoneberg which has been a center of gay life in Europe for almost 100 years. It was the core of creative, liberal, burlesque Berlin of the 1920’, and the place where first gay bars in Germany were created, and indeed the first gay village in Europe.

As a tribute to this history, the underground station is decorated with rainbow flags colors at night.

Nowadays, new gay areas are emerging in Neukölln, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg, and are very popular with young crows.

Gay Berlin

Your favorite places in Berlin

I love to take a walk along the canal in the Kreuzberg district. You will see many magnificent murals, and the area is packed with little restaurants and cafés with a unique alternative vibe. The area is green, and you feel like escaping from the big City.

Gendarmenmarkt is a beautiful square in the center of Berlin surrounded by historical buildings. The symmetry of the square is a unique example of neo-classical architecture. The square is surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars with a friendly atmosphere.

Badeschiff is an open-air swimming pool, perfect to enjoy sunny days in Berlin. It is very popular with gay people, and it’s a trendy place to see and to be seen. There is an excellent view of the river Spree, and there are chairs all around the garden to relax reading books or drinking some fresh juices. It can get bustling, so be prepared to queue.

Neues Museum houses impressive archaeological collections, including the famous Nefertiti’s head, and remarkable Egyptian treasures. Pergamon Museum is just nearby, so you can spend all afternoon surrounded by beautiful antiques.

Gendarmenmarkt is a beautiful square in the center of Berlin surrounded by historical buildings. The symmetry of the square is a unique example of neo-classical architecture. The square is surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars with a friendly atmosphere.

Gay Berlin

Your favorite restaurants

Sissi is a big restaurant that offers typical Austrian cuisine with impeccable service. The place was created 8 years ago by Martin Hartmann, chef and baker. Here you can try dishes such as Wiener Schnitzels, Saftgulasch and South Tyrolean spinach dumplings. A lunch menu is changed every day.

You can enjoy the rooms on the second floor, the Belle Etage, arriving through a secret entrance for a romantic dinner or even for a nice lunch with a group of friends. Book your table in advance, especially during the weekends.

Elefant offers a vast choice of German specialties such as schnitzel. On the menu, there are three pages of different schnitzels from mushroom and cheese to pepper cream versions. They are served with fries or vegetable. The schnitzels are big, made for German eaters.

Gay Berlin

Gay Berlin bars and more LGBT venues

Wednesday in Prinzknecht is a fixed date in the Berlin party calendar… This bar is an institution, and indeed the most popular and busy in the Schöneberger. It gets hectic during weekends but even on Wednesday for happy hour. Unlike many places in Berlin, it opens pretty early and can get busy from 6 pm.

The Hafen Bar is a lovely place in the center of Schöneberger. The atmosphere is relaxed, a bit psychedelic, and the boys are adorable. This place is especially popular with fashion people, who come here before going to late parties.

Café Heile Welt is a pleasant gay venue with original decoration, with a cozy lounge atmosphere. Staff is amiable, and the cocktails are excellent. There is an outside space which is very pleasant in summer. As it is so central, it’s a perfect place for meeting friends for an early drink or before going to parties.

Gay Potsdam

Postdam, a queer Palace to visit

I think my favorite gay place in Berlin is not a gay bar or gay club, but a park and palace, which may seem quite unexpected.

Postdam, is certainly the queerest place in Berlin, if not Germany, even if competition with the castles of Louis 2 of Bavaria, another gay ruler, is quite fierce. I had to choose between Louis II and Frederic II and I chose Frederic II by taste, but also because Postam is closer to home

Frederic II’s adult life began in what today would be described as homophobic violence, as his father had his lover executed before his eyes on his 18th birthday, fearing that they would both flee abroad.

Ten years later, as soon as he ascended the throne, he moved to the Sanssouci Palace, surrounded by males …

He only saw his wife twice a year at official ceremonies. The court of the King of Prussia is therefore exclusively made up of handsome males.

Far from Berlin solemnities, Frederic II can devote himself to artistic or more personal pleasures. The Palace is modest in size and has only about ten rooms. It is officially a summer residence, but it becomes an almost permanent place to stay.

Around 1750, the Palace was completely redesigned in a Rococo style, which Liberace would not deny. Certainly with a little more taste and a lot more means. Louis II himself draws decorative elements that can still be admired today. The Palace overlooks vast and superb gardens, which were enlarged and enriched throughout his reign.

Frederic II, often mocked for his morals in other European courts and by his public opinion, remains impervious to any criticism. He organized a modern army and resisted the Europe coalition against Prussia during the 7-year war.

During his reign of almost 50 years, which ended a few years before the French Revolution, he doubled the size of his kingdom, conquering neighboring territories, which would constitute future Germany.

As a “philosophical king”, strongly influenced by his friend Voltaire, he laid the foundations of a modern state organization and imposed a general liberalization of Prussian society.

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Ready for another gay Berlin tour?

Hello Rafael, can you tell us a bit about you? 

Well, I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I graduate in accounting, and then I have been working for a bank. But I didn’t like this daily rhythm and my 9 to 5 life. So, I decided to move to Europe a few years ago to begin a new life. I lived in Switzerland, Belgium and finally in Germany.

Since I am in Berlin, I have been working in tourism. I created a company with my best friend, and we offer thematic tours of the City. We especially work for Brazilian tourists.

Why do you love Berlin that much? 

In my opinion, Berlin is the most open-minded city in Europe. It is possible to be yourself without a problem, as the City is so gay-friendly.

All year round, there are significant events organized in Berlin. The most famous is the Gay Pride which last not just one day but for a full week, with street fares, concerts and of course a lot of nightclubbing.

Folsom, the most significant fetish event in Europe is set every September, with more than 20 000 participants has to be mentioned too.

Gay Berlin

Which are your favorite places to visit in Berlin?

Tier garden is a massive park in the middle of the City, and from there you can reach 80 % of Berlin landmarks. On sunny days, you can have a nice long walk from Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule or Victory Column.

It is one of the most beautiful and impressive landmarks in Berlin. It is a monument to Prussia’s victory in the 1870 Franco-German war. Moreover, the Victory Column is an excellent observation deck.

Other notable places close to the park such as the Reichstag, the Bundestag the new Central Railway Station, Postamer Platz and even Belin Zoo which is one of the best in Europe.

Schöneberg is definitely one of my favorite districts in the city. This is the most famous, central and ancient gay area, but not only.

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Your favorite restaurants 

If you are looking for traditional German food, I highly recommend AprilIt is one of my favorite restaurants and the perfect place to eat a delicious schnitzel. You can go there for a big breakfast or brunch as well.

I love to go to Zsa Zsa Burger. I would say it is the best burger restaurant in Berlin. The place is well decorated and charming. As it is so popular, try to make a reservation especially during weekends.

You will find food trucks everywhere in Berlin to get a very German Curry Wurst, Thai food, Crepes or Panini. For those who really like Doner, I recommend Mostafa Kebab in Mehringdamm / Kreuzberg.

It is known as the best Kebab in Berlin or maybe in Europe. It is so popular that you will undoubtedly have to queue for a long long, long, time just to get a sandwich. But it worths it, and people always come back.

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Gay Berlin bars and LGBT venues 

Berlin is a very active City, and there is always something to do. It is impossible to get bored here, whenever you come. Summer is good, but you will love winter as well when the City is covered with snow.

There is an excellent diversity of bar and clubs for every taste and every gay tribe, from trendy to leather, from bears to muscle lovers.

Schwuz. It is a fantastic venue with 3 rooms which are called Cathedral, Bunker, and Salon. It is a very cool club with shows, dancers, drag queens and the cocktails are really good.

The best nights are of course Friday and Saturday. They even organize concerts, films screenings, readings … so check their event calendar for more details

Kit-Kat Klub. The place opened in 1994 and is now an institution of Berlin nightlife. The door policy can be rigorous, and the atmosphere is very liberal and kinky.

Roses. This is a legendary bar in Kreuzberg. The decoration is just amazingly kitsch, with a real Berliner alternative spirit. It is much more touristy than it used to be, but it stills a right place for late partying and morning beers. You will, of course, find so many places in Gay Berlin different areas.

Gay Berlin

Schoeneberg , Berlin gay district

Schöneberg district has been the epicenter of Berlin gay life since the Weimar Republic. In the Golden Twenties, the area around Nollendorfplatz, especially along Motzstrasse and Fuggerstrasse, was a continual feast, packed with gay bars, nightclubs, and cabarets.

It was not yet a time where you could see official a gay pride, but this was undoubtedly the first gay village in the world, long time before other famous neighborhoods such as Castro District in San Francisco, Le Marais in Paris or Soho in London.

The Eldorado Night Club

was the most mythical gay venue, known for its travesties shows, and a source of inspiration for many artists such as Otto Dix or Marlène Dietrich. Berlin was at this time known for its sexual freedom, libertarian and sometimes decadent atmosphere. The bohemian lifestyle seduced and attracted young and creative artists from all over Europe.

Consequently, Christopher Isherwood, a British author moved to Berlin during those years and wrote his most famous novel, “The Berlin Stories”. He lived on Nollendorfstrasse 17 where a memorial plaque celebrates his stay between 1929 and 1933.

Nowadays, even if new gay areas are booming all around the City, Shoneberg is still a great place for LGBT people and an area where you can feel the gay history.

To know more about this gay past, and LGBT German history, an excellent option is to visit the gay Museum, called the Schwules Museum.

It was inaugurated in 1985, and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest centers for LGBT research in the world with almost 40 employees and volunteers working there.

They regularly organize exciting exhibitions and offer guided tours twice a week. They are involved, not just in history, but more broadly on culture and arts coming from our community.

Among so many events, they organize for instance an International gay fetish photography competition during Folsom week.

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