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1000 times destroyed, and 1000 times rebuilt, Belgrade is the tormented capital of Serbia.

Gay Belgrade

This south-eastern European country is still not part of the European Union. Serbia has faced a chronic economic crisis that has persisted since the end of the war and the explosion of Yugoslavia.

Unlike Slovenia, Croatia and many other East European countries, the last 20 years were not a time of booming economy.

Gay Belgrade

Thought Belgrade is an open and welcoming City for foreigners, especially gay travelers, and a real opportunity for quality holidays at very low prices.

Gay Belgrade

Many excellent hotels, restaurants, trendy bars and classy cafes have flourished in recent years, and they have nothing to envy to the rest of Europe.

The situation for gays and LGBT in Serbia is paradoxical

On the one hand, the organization of Gay Pride remains complicated for LGBT + populations, as a part of the population is not liberal.

On the other hand, Belgrade is sometimes called the “Berlin of the Balkans,” and the gay scene is flourishing.

Gay beach Brighton

Gay scene in Belgrade

LGBT people have invested in factories and abandoned buildings and are transforming the city into a pleasant, open-minded and creative capital.

Another example of this paradox, in 2017 the country named as Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who is officially lesbian. She attends Belgrade’s Gay Pride, even if her contact with LGBT activists sounds a bit complicated.

Gay Belgrade

In term of visit, the imposing fortress of Belgrade

at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava is a must see, for its architecture, its museums, and to understand the chaotic history of the City.

For art galleries, shops, bars, restaurants that make the reputation of the City, you will visit Savala neighborhood.

At night, you will fancy mix gay friendly bars and clubs, or join the gay-only venues which are not numerous, but extremely animated throughout the weekend.

Serbians are beautiful people and very welcoming to foreigners. So you will have a great time in this underrated fantastic weekend destination.

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Gay bars in Belgrade

XL Bar

Smiley Cafe Bar

Bears 011

Gay Belgrade

Gay clubs and parties in Belgrade

Club Musk Belgrade

Pleasure Club

Gay Saunas in Belgrade

Red Line

Gay Pamplona

Finally, Belgrade is a strategical position to visit Croatia, as it is only a few hours trip by car to enjoy fascinating and gay-friendly Cities such as Zagreb, Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik. Or to enjoy other Balkan capitals such as Ljubljana. Note that you are not in EU, so cross borders can be pretty long.

Note that there are many flights to Greece, and you can easily consider to visit Athens, Thessaloniki or even Mykonos from Belgrade.

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