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Once upon a time there was a small Principality in the heart of Europe, ruled for centuries by two Princes.  

Gay Andorra

In this small country, perched in the middle of the mountains, clean air, white snow, no taxes, no unemployment, the longest life expectancy in the world, and full of gasoline, cigarettes, and alcohol tax-free. 

Every year, at the opening of the gigantic Gay Pride, the two Princes, eternally in love, make the Drag Queens, who proudly came with their families from all the surrounding villages, but also Europe and all the continents, try a glass shoe. 

The one who wears 47,3 (11.25 in American size) becomes for one year Andorra Snow Princess. 

This “trouple attends all the official ceremonies during one year: trips to Moscow, Isle of Man, Cuba, and many other exotic and friendly countries. But also at Cannes Film Festival, MTV Awards, Porn star awards in San Francisco, opening of Folsom Berlin or Maspalomas Carnival… 

Ok, Andorra is something like that, except that the co-princes are the French President and the Archbishop of Urgel, a small Spanish City. 

Don’t be disappointed… Except from that, you really should visit Andorra on your way to Barcelona, Sitges or Bilbao. 

It is a perfect getaway if you are driving from North Europe to Spain. 

Gay Andorra

Andorra la Vella is a small city you can explore walking.

The “Casa de la Vall” is a spot not to miss. Built in 1580, this mansion was the Parliament of the country. A visit will help you to understand the history of Andorra, and how it managed to stay independent for such a long time, between two of the biggest countries of Europe.

Thyssen Museum is pretty interesting too. 

However, shopping is the main activity as the shops are tax-free. 

Around the city, Romanesque churches with modest dimensions but remarkably preserved enamel the landscape. Those of San Joan de Caselles, in Canillo, with its 12th-century stucco christ, or Santa Coloma, with it is Lombard style round belfry, are interesting examples. 

The Principality has five ski resorts and 300 kilometers of slopes. They are very popular with people coming from Barcelona, Zaragoza or even Toulouse

Gay Andorra

Gay Andorra 

Andorra might not be a popular gay destination.  However, this is a friendly place that welcomes everyone. 

If you are looking for some drinks and great meals, the Barri Antic is where you find cozy spots and vivid nightlife. 

And if you are really fed up with Ibiza, Mykonos or Sitges, why don’t you try to discover more mini-states of Europe, such as Monaco, San Marino, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein? For sure, your friends would be amazed by your pics on Instagram.

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