Want to become Gaybassador for your City?

Want to become Gaybassador for your City?

Note that Gaybassadors.com is a marketplace, like Airbnb, and not a travel or tour agency.


Share your passion for the city you live/love, with style
Meet new people from all over the world, craving for your local tips
Do it smart, serious and fun,
and of course, earn some extra money


Which requirements?
Where are Gaybassadors needed?
How many Gaybassadors are needed in each City?
How do I get paid?
How much do I get paid?
Which commission do you charge?
Any specific rules?
So now, how do I register?
Main standards and expectations
Become Gaybassador

Which requirements?

We want to offer travelers a good quality of experience so please make sure you fit with all those points:

  • Passion for your city and gay/gay friendly lifestyle (regardless of your own orientation or gender).
  • A real knowledge of your city’s history, of local LGBT life, fun facts and tips and great interpersonal skills are essential, in order to meet the quality of experience travelers are expecting and paying for.
  • Fluent English is required as it’s our communication language and the one used by most of our clients when they travel abroad.
  • Previous guiding experience can be a big plus, but there is no need at all to be a pro guide, as far as you can offer a great time to travelers.

People booking through Gaybassadors.com, are not expecting at all a traditional or academic touristic tour, they could find through travel agency or in Lonely Planet.

They want a personalised LGBT lifestyle visit of your City with culture, history, local stories and insiders tips.

Note that visits inside monuments or museums are strictly forbidden, even for licensed guides (even pro guide need specific authorizations for some museums).


Being Gaybassador can be a fun activity, but don’t take it too easy. You must prepare your tour and test it a few times before it gets really good. Never forget that all tours are rated by travelers. At first bad rate, we will have to discuss with you to know what happened exactly.

For a 4 hours visit, you should for instance show/talk/take travelers to:

  • 4 main historical spots of your city
  • 4 facts, tips, stories related with gay life
  • 4 smart places and local tips: restaurants, shops, markets, design, shows …
  • 4 gay places you would recommend as a local: bars, clubs, beach …

Note again that Gaybassadors.com is not a travel agency but an intermediary between gay friendly locals and travelers. Gaybassadors.com is not your employer at all and this is not a job offer. You are your own boss, you can accept or decline bookings, you fix your schedule, and even your price, and all this must be for you just an extra.

Where are Gaybassadors needed?

Paris, London, Vienna, Granada, Porto … We are currently looking for Gaybassadors in most European cities. You can apply as Gaybassadors in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Swiss
  • UK

If you want to be Gaybassador outside this list of countries, no worries, you can already apply, but your add will not be visible online immediately. You can set up everything, and we will inform you as soon as we open bookings in your City.

How many Gaybassadors are needed in each City?

As we like to know with who we are working, and as we need to be sure that travelers will be satisfied, the number of Gaybassadors in each City is for now limited from 5 to 10.

How do I get paid?

The clients book and pay through our website. After the tour, the traveler has to confirm through the website, that the visit was made and has to rate it. At this point, your fees are sent to your bank account (it takes around 7 days to arrive).

We are using for those transactions, Stripe.com which is an international secured payment system. We do not store your bank details etc … all the financial part is deal by Stripe.

How much do I get paid?

You fix your own price. Thought, be realistic, and fix your hourly rate regarding the cost of life in your City, your experience, qualification etc

Minimum is usually around 22 €/hour and maximum around 44 €/hour. Tour last a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 4 hours. This is a set price for 1 or 2 people. If a 3th or 4th want to join, you can ask an extra.

Please note that you can charge through our website only your fees for tours. You can’t charge for instance the rent of bicycles, Uber, drinks or whatever. Just tour fees.

Which commission do you charge?

Gaybassadors.com will charge a 25 % commission on the total price paid by the travelers. Stripe will charge 2 to 5 % fees, depending on change rates, currencies etc. We can’t be more precise, so just consider you will get around 70 % of the total price paid by travelers.

To make things very clear, Gaybassadors.com is an intermediary between you and travelers. This means that travelers are your clients, not our clients.

Any specific rules?

Very important point: make sure that you always respect local laws regarding guiding activity, insurance, taxes etc.

All the money you will earn through Gaybassadors.com must be declared as an income to your tax office.

So now, how do I register as Gaybassador?

First you need to create a users’ profil on Gaybassadors.com, and then follow the process.

1/ Go to “Become Gaybassador”. You will send us a brief message to tell us why and where you want to be Gaybassador,

2/ Then you will be allowed to create your add/listing.

3/ We will check all info, photos etc. You will be contacted in order to schedule a meeting with our team via phone or skype. A complete check of your identity will be made (Facebook, email, phone …).

Please note that if you are a pro guide, you must send us an official copy of your guiding licence. You can’t write on your profile that you are a pro guide, without sending us the proof first.

4/ When everything is ok, your add will be set online

Main standards and expectations:


Please fill up your profile and listing completely, which means answering all points, offering a precise description of your visit (300 words minimum), experience, qualification etc and providing nice, photos of yourself (smart ones … no shirtless, or with your BF, cat, work colleague etc) and of your City.

For very pro and free nice pictures of your City we recommend you to use unsplash.com.

As we talk about BF, each person needs to have his own profile, you can’t have the same profile or add for couple, trouple etc.

To have your profile and add online, you must set up your Stripe/bank account connection and fill all contact information.

Incomplete profiles will be deleted, as we can’t afford to have clients finding just half of the information they need to make a booking.


All this is fun but has to be pro as well. Don’t forget travelers are certainly for the first time in your City, and for the first time using this sort of local gay tour service.

Before you accept a booking, please ensure that everything is clear between you and Travelers: time of visit, meeting point, tour overview, what’s included and what’s not, how many people will join etc.

Note that sharing your contact details (phone number, email …) with Travelers before booking confirmation is strictly forbidden.

If it’s the Traveler who sends his email or phone before booking, you must write him that it’s strictly forbidden.

You will receive a phone call from us first time it happens, in a way to be sure you understood this point. But you will be ban from the website if it happens a second time.

Same policy for irrelevant messages (harassment, homophobia, etc). If you receive an irrelevant message from a Traveler, please do not even reply. We check all messages every day, and he will be ban him from the website immediately.


Don’t forget to be friendly, that Travelers are your customers and that you are in charge of them during the visit. Always try to remain polite, patient, professional and adopt an appropriate behaviour during visits, even if sometimes it’s hard to keep smilling.

Very often you will be their first contact with someone of your country, if we except taxi drivers and people at reception. So be nice with travelers, help them to feel confident and comfortable with you, with your City, your country and culture.

Flexible but safe

You must prepare your tour thoroughly. If Travelers ask a few reasonable changes, please try your best to please them.

We advise you to meet Travelers only in public place. Please do not meet them at hotel, flat etc we don’t want to be paranoiac but we don’t want you to face an uncomfortable situation.

If you feel unsecure or harassed, please stop your visit immediately and contact Gaybassadors.com. Please note that again, for safety reasons, visits must be made only walking and/or with public transportation. Visits with your car or even the one of travelers are strictly forbidden.

Illegal activities or unappropriated behaviours will not be accepted. Any suspect profile will be immediately removed, but information kept for legal purpose. To be able to have proofs in case of problem, always use our message system to communicate with Travelers.

On time

We advise you to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before your tour. If Travelerss are late, please try to get hold of them. And if Travelerss don’t show up 30 minutes after the official start of the tour, please contact us.


Please ensure that you always have your phone with you during the visit in a way Travelers and/or Gaybassadors.com team can contact you easily. Do not hesitate to use WhatsApp: it’s a cheap and simple way to join people with foreign phone numbers.