Guide for a perfect gay bears night in Lisbon 2019

The 10 best bears bars and venues in Lisbon.

Portugal has been on the European spotlight when it comes to cities to visit. For most of the tourists, Lisbon is the first stop and there’s a lot to find out about one of this shining city. In the last few years, the Portuguese capital has become a place to go, especially for LGBT travelers and, every week there is a new spot poping-up in town and you got to be ready to explore it.

When it comes to the bear community Lisbon is also another topic that we can talk more about. Every year that are more parties, festivals and, venues opening the doors to bears from all over the world that want to enjoy some funny and sunny days in Lisbon. So, if you are planning your days in the Portuguese Capital and want to know what are the best bears bar and venues in Lisbon keep up with this post until the last line.

1. Bar TR3S

Where the bears are” this is the first thing you read if you check TR3S website. Opened from 4 pm to 3 am, TR3S is that place you can go at any time of the day. Fancy a coffee? Right spot. A beer with friends? Check. Drinks and dance? Also, the place to go. Despite the regular nights that you’ll definitely have fun there also theme parties throughout the year that make this venue even more special. So, take a note and make TR3S your first bear stop in Lisbon.

2. Woof LX

Just to make it clear, the LX in the name refers to the local’s short way of referring to Lisbon. But, of course, it can Extra Large in terms of fun.

Woof LX opened in 2010 and since then it is one of the greatest bears bar in Lisbon. Located in the gay and bear area of Principe Real, this spot is perfect to start your night and warm up with your friends for fun. That means you should arrive around 10 pm and stay until 2 am. If you are looking for a masculine atmosphere but in a relaxed way, you found your spot. Best part? There is no entrance fee.

3. Construction

Nights in Lisbon are fun and they just end when the sun rises. That means staying out and dancing until 6 in the morning. If you stop at Woof LX you’ll hear about Construction. Actually, if you ask for tips about where bears go out for a nice party night is Lisbon, Construction will be the answer.

Bears, masculine, furry and muscled get together Fridays and Saturdays nights to listen to the best house music in town. Every night is a different party which means you should always check their facebook page to check what’s going on.

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4. Principe Real neighborhood

A break in our party trips to talk about the area where the first three venues are located at. Principe Real is the place to stay if you wanna be walking distance from most of the gay spots in Lisbon. In the last years, Principe Real has become the Portuguese Chueca and the place for bears to be. In addition to that, you’ll be staying – or walking around – in an authentic and charming area, full of design stores, art galleries, and great restaurants. 

5. Lisbon Bear Pride

Organized by Bar TR3S, Lisbon Bear Pride is an international encounter for bears, admires and friends. Along 6 days, Lisbon becomes the capital of bears, full of parties, cultural experiences and unforgettable moments for the bear community. If you are interested in attending Lisbon Bear Pride, you should save the date for 2019, from May 29th till June 3rd.

6. Trombeta Bath

We can’t define Trombeta as a Bears sauna but we are 100% sure that you won’t be disappointed.  Located in the middle of Bairro Alto, Lisbon historical and touristic area, Trombeta is considered the best sauna in town. After work and Sunday are the busiest hours, especially during high season and winter. Don’t be a fool thinking you’ll only find tourists, Trombeta is really popular among locals at any day.

7. Trumps

If you have been to Construction on Friday, we invite you to try a night at Trumps. On Saturdays, the main floor hosts the best electronic DJs in Lisbon and, of course, a sexy crowd that is ready to dance until 6 in the morning. The public here is mixed, so you’ll find beard, muscled, hairy, twinks and some tourists looking for some fun. Oh, and if POP music is your thing you can always try the second dance floor, that plays that genre all night long.

8. Finalmente

A Lisbon classic, Finalmente is on since 1977 and believe it or not, Sundays and Mondays are their busiest night. As a drag venue and the only club open every night in the capital, you’ll also find a mixed crowd. But, if you are looking for fun, drinks and, the greatest performances you already know where to go.

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9. Bar CRU

Looking for cruising? You’ve found it. Bar CRU is a great spot to go if you are looking for some hot fun and sexy guys. Bears, daddies, muscled, furry and jocks share the same space and interests along the night. Be aware of their events. CRU has some theme parties such as leather, sports and, of course, special nights for the bear community.

10. Rua Barroca

As it is impossible to gather all bears bars in a top 10 list, our last topic is a street located in Bairro Alto where LGBT community, mainly gay men, get together, have some drinks and go from one bar to another before hitting the clubs. This is the perfect spot to see and be seen.

Ready to have fun? We’ll see you at one of the best bears bars and venues in Lisbon.

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