Best gay beaches in Portugal 2019

Gay beaches in Portugal

Algarve, Lisboa, Alentejo, Peniche, and Porto are some of the most famous beach areas in spreaded from the North to the South of Portugal.  There are around 943 km of coast area and a lot be found out in this country full of nature and stunning scenarios. Despite its traditional culture, Portugal is becoming a paradise for LGBTQ+ people and when we say paradise, we are not kidding…

Gay beaches in Potugal

The picture above is just a teaser of what you find out in Portugal coast. From the desert, savage and almost empty to lively, trendy and, almost urban beaches, or “Praia” as we say in Portuguese, there are options for everyone and every style. When it comes to gay beaches you’ll be surprised and astonished to find out what is waiting for you! Ready to discover? So keep it up with us and enjoy this post about the 10 best gay beaches in Portugal.

1. Foz do Minho, Caminha

We will start our journey up in the north, right on the border with Spain, or Galiza. So you’ll find a lot of Spanish spending the day at the Portuguese side. Actually, this beach is shared between Spain and Portugal and the border is in the middle of the river. Did we say river? Yes! The word “Foz” means river mouth in Portuguese, so this beach is the mouth of Minho River, one of the most famous rivers in Portugal. Northern beaches are known to be windy and cold, but people have developed some hiding places with twigs and wood, which is just perfect to enjoy the sun and have fun. The beach is huge and the gay area is right between the sea and the river. Best part? It’s most calm part and also opened for nudism. So, you just have to enjoy nature and relax.

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2. Praia das Pedrinhas, Ofir

Ofir is a house of the only Pacha Club in Portugal, so this is definitely a party area. Between Ofir and Apúlia party, not far from Braga there is an area with dunes and places to hide from the northern wind, known as “nortada”. It’s a popular gay beach in the North of Portugal.

3. Praia do Palheirão, Mira

Not only a gay beach it is also a nudist area. Praia do Palheirão is a hidden treasure and not really a well-known place in Portugal. Once you get there you’ll find more than 5km of sand, beautiful sea and wild nature. If you wanna spend the day at Praia do Palheirão, remember to bring some food, water and everything else you need.

Gay beaches in Portugal

4. Praia de Cova-Gala, Figueira da Foz

In the center region of Portugal, not far from Coimbra its a region full of beautiful beaches. One of them is Praia de Cova-Gala, which is a gay area and also a nudist area, that means a peaceful and quiet environment. If you wanna spend the night close to nature there is a huge camping area.

5. Praia 19, Costa da Caparica

Now we are next to Lisbon, actually on the south side of Tagus River, more specifically at Costa da Caparica. Praia 19 is one of the most famous gay beaches in Portugal and can be a bit crowded on summer days. Even though is a gay beach with handsome visitors, you’ll see that is also a straight-friendly and nudist area, where everybody gets along and enjoy the perfect Lisbon weather.  

6. Praia da NATO, Costa da Caparica

Also in Costa da Caparica, there is a beach famous to be a military zone. But you don’t even have to think twice if you’re planning on visiting. The Praia do Nato is famous for its beautiful cliffs, spring waters, and clay. If you don’t wanna be in a busy area such as Praia 19, you already know where to run away.

7. Praia do Malhão, Odemira

If you’ve never been to Portugal, probably you’ve never heard about Alentejo region, maybe about their wine and that’s all. But Alentejo, the area beyond the Tagus River is another hidden gem that still not famous among tourists. There are people that say that Alentejo has the most beautiful beaches in Portugal and, maybe its true. If you wanna explore this little piece of heaven with a queer perspective your first stop must be at Praia do Malhão.

8. Praia Grande, Armação de Pêra

We’ve reached the Algarve, in the south of Portugal and also the most famous beach area of the country. Algarve region is the place where Portuguese spend long days of summer and just enjoy life, especially in August. Located between Armação da Pêra e Lagos dos Salgados, two well-known areas, this is the destination for those who want a calm area but without being far from the city.

9. Praia da Cacelha Velha, Castro Marim

On the west of Manta Rota beach, Cacela Velha beach competes with Praia 19 the title of best gay beach in Portugal. The main attraction is the division between sand, sea and Ria Formosa and its 2km length. Different from most northern Portuguese beaches, Cacela Velha water is really calm and can reach 24ºC during summer.

Gay beaches in Portugal

10. Praia do Homem Nu, Ilha de Tavira

We could start talking about this beach with a joke. Why? Because of the name: in Portuguese, it means “The Naked man beach”, lol. Praia do Homem Nu is located in Tavira, a city in the Algarve region that’s been growing as an LGBTQ+ destination. Different from Praia Cacela Velha, Homem Nu is all about nature and it takes a bit of effort to get to there. But once you reach you’ll see that it was worth.

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