Best gay bars and venues in Lisbon 2019

Ready for a tour of gay bars and venues in Lisbon?

Here’s a short gay city guide of Lisbon.


Gay bars and venues in Lisbon

Sun, blue sky and incredible beaches. Those 3 things are what comes to people’s mind when they thinking about visiting Lisbon. The Portuguese are all those, but, there are so much more to discover and explore in this luminous town. Portugal can be a traditional country, but in the last years, it also has become a gay destiny for all ranges of age, style, and preferences.

Lisbon is alive and it’s to enjoy it. Historical neighborhoods, amazing food, multicultural inhabitants, flavors from all over the world, bars, nice shops and, clubs. This is just a glimpse of what you can do after going to a beach or just enjoying the view of Tagus River at Praça do Comércio (Lisbon Main Square).

Unlike other European capital, Lisbon still doesn’t have a gay district like our neighbors in Spain with Chueca (Madrid) or Eixample (Barcelona). But, Princípe Real, right next to Bairro Alto – one of the oldest areas of Lisbon – is becoming trendy and the place to be for LGBTQ+ community. If you’re curious to know what bars to go, clubs to dance and places to see, check keep scrolling and get ready for the best gay venues in Lisbon.

1.Entretanto Rooftop Bar

Lisbon is known as the “City of 7 hills”, which means that there always some nice spots on the top of this area with stunning views. Entretanto is on the 7th floor of Hotel do Chiado, at the heart of Lisbon and offers you a breathtaking to Castelo São Jorge and some others must-see points of the city. Entretanto is one of that bars that you can go at any time as you wanna go, for a single coffee, a glass of wine, to bite some snack and, of course, enjoy the view.

local tip: if you are traveling with your <3 this a great spot to make a surprise


You wouldn’t have to know their slogan: “where the bears are” to confirm this information. TR3S is the place where all bears in town (locals or tourists) go at some point of the day. Opened from 4pm – every day – it can be a place where you have a coffee, a beer at the end of the day or enjoy the night. This bar is all about having fun, enjoy and talk, there’s no place for any attitude.

3.Bar 106

Portuguese legal age to drink is 18, so we can now celebrate Bar 106 adulthood. Founded in 1990, this is a venue focused on fun experiences. 106 is not just a regular bar and regular parties. If you stop by, you might step into a game night or a message, when Grindr is not allowed and if you wanna meet someone you’ll have to grab a pen and a piece of paper, just like back on the old days.


Considered the only Lesbian & Queer bar in Lisbon, Society welcomes all LGBTQ+ community for a night of good music, atmosphere and fun. Opened from Thursday to Sunday, it’s always good to check the event of the night. It can be an 80’s flashback, a house party or a divas night. One thing is for sure, you are about to have a lot of fun!


If you have started your research about your Lisbon trip you probably already read about Bairro Alto. Located in the city center this historical area is full of bars spread onto its narrow streets. There are a lot of gay bars in this area but Friends is the one everyone goes before hitting any of the clubs in Lisbon. Drinks, beers, wine or shots for the bravest will make your night even more fun. Oh, and, don’t forget to tip the bartenders they’re definitely an attraction of Friends 🙂


It’s Friday or Saturday night and you feel like dancing? Trump is the right destination. The largest LGBT club in Portugal attracts people of all ages, styles and, of course, nationalities. There are 2 dance floors, on Friday nights the main floor is all about pop, drags, and performances. On Saturday nights it’s time for some electronic, beards and mustaches. Trumps is open until the sun rises and you better get ready to dance until you shatter yourself!


It doesn’t matter if it Saturday or Monday, Friday or Wednesday, Finalmente has been opening its doors every night since 1976. In these last 41 years, the club became one of most famous nightlife address in Lisbon hosting performative and glamorous drag shows.

Local tip: Sunday nights are the best!

8.Bar Cru

If you wanna spice up your night, with theme parties – including underwear, fetish and, naked events – you must head to Bar Cru. Besides the bar, that open its door every day at 5 p.m. there is also a gay erotic shop where you’ll find accessories that you might feel like using just after buying it!

9.Trombeta bath

Remember what we said about Bairro Alto? So, Lisbon main sauna is also in the middle of this vivid area. Trombeta has a great reputation, not only because of its structure and busy events agenda but also because of its clients, which includes tourists and locals.

Local tip: After party time – on Saturday/Sunday – are busy and popular

10.UP!Town Lisbon

Ready to shop for a great selection of brands? UP!Town is a multi-brand store that highlights and value the importance of being different, unique and yourself. Also located in Bairro Alto, this shop is a place to make a break, swipe your card and feel ready to discover Lisbon.

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